Kairi Drive Form Design Contest!!
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You heard it!


I need designs for New Drive Forms for Kairi in an Upcoming Dead Fantasy. Man it felt like it this day would never come but yea. Post em and send em my way!

My Kairi's Valor form was a mere texture swap, but given the luxury of time I'd like to make more interesting ones for the remaining drive forms.

Anti??? <- Technically not possible, but wouldn't it be fun to see?

Also this calls for some original Keyblade Designs (just say no to flower power keyblades)

So send em if you got em!

Deadline - Uhhhh.... Before next year? We'll see

Send me a note with the entry

BTW I haven't forgotten about the DF Rikku Dresspheres ;) Please be patient!

Also apparently I'm going to Comic Con Next Week! I hear it's awesome!


Q: What Program(s) do you use?
A: In order of priority:
  1. Poser 7 - Rendering, Animating, Rigging
  2. Director MX - Compositing
  3. Maya - Modeling
  4. Particle Illusion - Particle effects
  5. Adobe Premiere - Timeline, Syncing final output
  6. Xnview - Image Conversion

Q:Why did you make Mastercheif a girl?

Q: Since DF III won't come out for a while, does that mean it's gonna be 1,000 times better than Dead Fantasy II?
A: It's taking long not because it's gonna be a huge movie. It's because my new job is keeping me really REALLY buisy. I try to find whatever time I can, but even that is pushing it.

Q: Where did you get the FF models?
A: Out of respect to those who originally extracted them I can't say.

Q: Did you get my dressphere design?
A: The contest was over in June

Q: Do you take requests/commissions?
A: NO, I have hundreds of movies that I want to make, and each one takes months. It’s not about money, and even if it was, I can’t force myself to make a movie that doesn’t make itself.

Q: What's the song that plays in Dead Fantasy?
A: Dead Fantasy I – Rob Dougan
  1. Chateau – Matrix OST

A: Dead Fantasy II – Brian Tyler
  1. Togue – Fast & the Furious 3 OST
  2. Downtown Tokyo Chase – Fast & the Furious 3 OST
  3. Rooftop Chase – WAR OST
  4. Showdown – WAR OST

Q: What College did you go to?
A: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm a highschool dropout! (ahem... stay in school kids)

Q: Did you make Dead Fantasy?
A: Yes?

Q: Where can I download Your Movies?
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ViviSaphiraStudent Digital Artist
umm well I made Final Form in a 3D model form, hope you're still accepting
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ViviSaphiraStudent Digital Artist
okay, I finished Final and Limit form. I can't think of anything for Master.

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ViviSaphiraStudent Digital Artist
here is my Kairi valor form

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ViviSaphiraStudent Digital Artist
I drew the colored version for my Wisdom Form. I couldn't find a pose for the back but it's basically the same in the front.

ViviSaphira's avatar
ViviSaphiraStudent Digital Artist
hey I don't know if you're still accepting Kairi drive forms, but I made a wisdom form, it'll be colored later on but I made small notes on the side anyway, there's more on my profile that shows a close up


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Oh well I don't know whether you're still accepting designs, but here's mine.

Wisdom [link]

Anti [link]
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All of your ideas are really good, and I'm posting this in 2012! XD
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heres a Kairi Xion idea :) [link]
CrazylilBabi's avatar
Im not sure if this contest is closed or not but here is my wisdom [link]

and here is my Aqua link which i think is a good alternative to wisdom since Aqua uses a lot of magic. [link]
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DarKingdomHeartsHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I think that Anti-Form would be pretty weird because her heart is pure light but maybe with an experiment....
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Here is my Kairi Wisdom form for the contest [link]
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This sounds interesting:shakefist:, so we got to design clothings for those forms.
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When the drive forms are being thought of; for limit form: acrossing two destinies or way to the dawn; for wisdom form: ultima weapon (from #1 or #2 doesnt really matter.) But if any of you can, try to have either namine or kairi have the X-Blade as a ultimate weapon. that would be awsome: the ultimate keyblade being able to call kingdom hearts. or if namine joined with kairi and the keyblade used after that is the X-Blade. I just have many ideas so take any of them if you want. just remember who thought of them!
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ZanderAnvistStudent Filmographer
ummm, Monty? i have some designs if you're still willing to look at them.
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Xeno-the-HedgehogHobbyist General Artist
I thought the texture swap worked pretty well.

Regarding her Anti form, I would imagine her movements to be rather fluid, like a cross between a cat and a body of water.
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watcher6161Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a quick question: when would be the latest date you'd accept submissions?
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watcher6161Hobbyist Digital Artist
Err, by that I mean: it's already near the 'end of the year' so to speak. Has the timeline been revised?
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Inspiration for me to finish the Kairi forms I started around two years ago XD
Also had plans for Riku as well, but we'll see if I get that far...
If this inspires me to finish my Kairi project, maybe the completion of that will inspire me to finish Riku as well =P
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DTrain2695Professional General Artist
Ohhhh, I wanta try!...but I might forget :3
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bLo0dheavenHobbyist Traditional Artist
just a simple sketch...thought you might want to see this [link]
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challenge accepted!
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IrreyreHobbyist Digital Artist
...okay, i've been seeing way too many epic keyblades to pass on any for kairi just having two hands.
i really don't think she's gonna be able to stick to just two custom keyblades, i think these all below especially gotta be used at different times.
[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
really, i think the real question is which top 10-something and in which order.
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DTrain2695Professional General Artist
Holy shiz these designs kick serious ass!
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