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This morning I was helping a fairly attractive woman at the counter at my work who had a slightly skewed left eye. As I talked to her I think she noticed that I was looking at it and I guess over the course of her life has developed a reflex to squint that eye, which she did. I didn't mean to notice it so abruptly, so if you're reading this somehow I actually think you're quite beautiful. Don't let people judge you by such minor imperfections.
drackar Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
its absolutely horable...there was a woman who did some of the best self portraits ive seen...gorgeus woman, very nice person, with a good deal of artistic talent. She tended to take some rather oddly angled face shots, but you figure thats just how she likes to shoot...then one day, she shows us the other eye. Its pointing off in this other direction...and she gets flaimed by so many of her "fans" for haveing a horible, disgusting disfigurment...and she took everything down, and hasent posted more than six photos, none of which had any of the spark, and none of which had her in them, sence.

the moral? people are fucking assholes.

that girl needs not to feer...but people have given her so much crap over her life, that its a conditioned reflex. ..though you know this allready no doubt.
shard-suterusu Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2005
People are too concerned about physical appearances anymore, they don't care about how their actions, like the flaming you (drackar) mentioned, affects people. Actually, a lot of people seem to have a 'lazy eye' where one may not be quite even with the other, as far as it looking off in a different direction, it doesn't make the person less beautiful, atleast not to me.

It's nice of you to say what you did about it, Monty; maybe by luck she'll get to see what you've written and I'm sure she'd take it greatly to heart. :hug:
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