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The other day I was sitting with a friend of mine watching naruto outside on my laptop. At some point I hear someone behind me hume a tune loudly as to get my attention and what do I see? About 50 or so people on bikes all biking down the street. My first thought was: "Oh how nice, a bunch of people getting together to bike" But then seconds later as they passed by I noticed that there were about 20 cars packed behind them driving VERY slowly. I then realized that they were doing this to hold up traffic, it was nothing nice, infact it was outright malicious and worse more, they were enjoying it. I asked my friend if that was illegal and he told me that it fell under the category of silent protest, but I wonder who they were protesting against? People they've never met? That's the sort thing that gets me angry to my core, deep down I wished I could've turned back time and run after them tearing them off their bikes. It was 5:00 in the afternoon and people who've worked hard all day are finally going to be able to go home and relax. If it had happened to me I'm not sure what I would've done. But I know that the people being held up had no idea what was happening to them. I can think of a thousand things that each one of those people driving might have had to do that is time sensitive, what if someone was sick? what if they had to be somewhere? even if someone really really wanted to get home in time to watch a certain television show, it's not up to these supposed protestors to decide how they spend their time. People schedules and try to live by it, sometimes unexpected things come about the might hold you up. But when someone goes out of their way to slow you down under the guise of making a point, It's a level of cynicism that white people are only capable of. And when I say white people I don't mean every white person. I have lot's of white friends that I consider far from white, people who've know some level of hardship, who know something about being considerate, you know who you are. The term white people refers to a very specific group, but I'll go more into that someother day

Episode 2 & 3 of RI's Iron FIst Tournament are started and will be one their way as soon as I can humanly make them. (I seriously sleep about 4 hrs a day, just too damned inspired.)
drackar Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
You know, my county has problems...but if some stupid biker decides to get in the road...a ambulence comes out, scrapes em up, and we never hear about it. they dont bother contacting the car drivers insurence, no charges are filed.

they just get ran over.
kedralynn Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
Geez that's really horrible, especially since if one of those biker's got hit, the driver's could get in trouble rather than the stupid protesters. Here in Cali, pedestrians get the right of way, even if they are walking right down the middle of the road in rush hour. It sucks. Worse, is that many people know this law here and take advantage of it.

Did you ever find out what the protest was for?

*psst - I'm not white right? :giggle:

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August 28, 2005


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