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I bought Final Fantasy 7 a short while back and started playing it out of sheer nostalgia. The winter of 1997 was one of the best times of my life just because I was still discovering the things I really liked. I know it's strange for someone to put so much into a video game, but back then being so young there was very little in this world that I cared for.

Hear me out.

My old brother and I had were both given Final Fantasy 7 for christmas by our older borther. Mind you we had never played of heard of an RPG that had a story more to do with get the magic sword and save the world. For us to experience somethign with such and intricate plot at a young age AND it be somethign we could really get into was really something.

For one whole week during winter break it was the first and last  thing we did, and the most important thing is that it was something that we did together. Even though my brother and I never got along with most things, it was really something when a turning point in the plot would happen and we'd go, "WHOA!! that's why... (etc. etc.)"

The only thing that stopped us from playing in fact was that it was cold in the basement we played it in and our mom made us go to sleep. So then we'd go upstairs to the room we shared and talk for hours on our theory about why who did what. Why can't Cloud remember what happened when he faced Sephiroth? how does Materia really work? was Cloud going to choose Tifa or Aeris?

That was one some of the best innocent fun I've ever had. It's something I've been wanting to have again for a long time. Regardless of who I enjoyed it with.

When Final Fantasy 8 came out I was living with my sister in New York. This time there was nothing to stop me from playing it day in day out. The only catch was that I was alone and with no one to enjoy it with, no one to talk about it with even at school the next day. It was especially sad for when when I got to the end and it happened to be one of the happiest endings in the world and after the credits were done rolling I was sitting there alone in an empty apartment.

I'm playing Final Fantasy X-2 and it's a game so fresh and so new I'm feeling that excitment again, I haven't been this excited since FF 7.
darkenraja Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
Final Fantasy Seven was an absolute legendary game, so epic, the locations were so atmospheric to....dont know about them usic tho.
Havent played Final fantasy x-2 or any others for that matter. you recomend on playoing them?
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November 23, 2003