Dead Fantasy II HD now Available!!!
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Published: March 29, 2008
HD Version of Dead Fantasy II is now available!!!

Keep in mind with a project this size... there's bound to be errors. Part of being a good director means not being the perfect animator. The ability to live with any of those small mistakes that you may or may not notice.…


Heyo folks,

I made this call a while ago, but here it is again. (Complete with crappy banner.)

Dead Fantasy III will feature dressphere changes in the one on one fight between Rikku and Ayane. I do plan on using some of the existing dresspheres, but as I abhore most of their designs, (seriously what a waste, you've got a game where cute girls are constantly changing outfits and all you have to choose from is crap on top of crap.) I am taking the opportunity to reach out to you my fellow artist and work together on making some fan made dresspheres.

Further detailing the requirements of this, I'll bullet point the relevant and great ideas info so far.

- This is for Dead Fantasy III, which I will be working on on and off alongside some other things

- I am asking for an original design. I'm doing this cause I want you to see your design in my movie

- I will be modeling it, all I'm really asking for is a quick drawing, maybe even if it's an idea well though out enough that I could draw myself.

- When the movie's done I want to be able to point to your artwork and give you full credit when people say "where's that dressphere? How come I didn't see that in the game?"

Dressphere cannot overlap the current existing dresspheres. I.E. don't design a gunner dressphere when a gunner one already exists.

Not too comical - I.E. Mascot, Trainer, Berserker, lady luck, they're kinda pushing it as far as designs go. This movie is pretty serious actually. When I think about the previz, it's pretty hard hitting. So I don't want to put something in that'll distract the viewer.

Must fit Rikku's Style - She has a generally warm color pallete and high yellows. She's also wearing things on the skimpy side, but the designs that work well on her are still more or less tastefull

This is still a fighting movie - Which means it still has to be something that's mobile, so I anticipate having a pretty tough time with ones like Black Mage that aren't built for high movement.

Simply upload you artwork to your DA account and send me a link (believe it or not I really do read all the comments/notes/messags.)

Not too sure, I haven't quite figured out my schedule for the next few months, but I can guarantee it won't be anytime soon. This movie is going to require a massive amount of content creation.
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no Distraction , well that takes sumo out of the picture
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speedsa|Student Filmographer
my moms speakers but not her graphic card were able to handle it :cry:
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logokas|Hobbyist Interface Designer



Okay, i feel better now. Will try again tomorrow.

Mental note: Bring a box of matches and a gallon of petrol as plan B.
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That was sublime.......and I MEAN SUBLIME
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I want Paine and some bad ass chick from DOA to come in. heh.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I've been waiting for this... :D
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uh who is this rachel chick with the big axe? Ive never seen her in dead or alive before.
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She's from Ninja Gaiden, an other Team Ninja game set in the DOA universe (Ryu Hayabusa is the main character, and a younger version of Ayane also makes an appearance in it). It's similar to how Kairi is from Kingdom Hearts, an other Square Enix game, not Final Fantasy.
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BUn-nyb00|Student Filmographer
Hey, so how are you??

Can I ask you something??

Ummm. Is it hard to make videos??
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Oh, and about the movie, I think the power level should be a bit more balanced. It's understandable that FF is winning with the surge of new characters (especially sorceress Rinoa), but being an FF fan, I'd hate to see them lose :P

Here's a little graph I plot:
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Sent you a note of my submission, hope it's good enough :p
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lys2313|Professional General Artist
You don't know me and i just saw your work for the first time and i must admit im speechless....

I'd love to design a costume for rikku if you'd allow me to..
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Awesome HD ftw :P I have to ask.. why did you overpower Rinoa so much? I mean, she was like.. the worst FF heroine ever... so weak, annoying, Tifa look-alike.

Also have to ask, why did you use Kairi instead of Terra? I'd think Terra kicks more ass than Kairi :P
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Mukki|Professional Filmographer
is it okay to add a little bit of her old outfit from ffx into the new creation?
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Archaois|Student Digital Artist
Damn, when's there gonna be a download of the file for the iPod?
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Very nice, Monty. :D The differnece in quality is surprising in its clearity. However when you mention these elusive "small mistakes," I find it hard to locate any... other than no one seems to die. :giggle: I can't wait till part three has its time to shine, and I hopt to contenue to be of help where it's needed. :D
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Heh. When I saw that the number of comments went down, I thought that they were deleted somehow and that everyone would have to resubmit everything. I was about to repost mine, but that's when I realized that what really happened is Monty simply reposted the Dressphere contest along with the announcement of the HD version of Dead Fantasy II. Anyway, looking forward to see the winners, even if my submission doesn't make it. *crosses fingers*
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It's actually his "footer." :D The content of Footers stays logged until changed. :nod: So, until he changes it, every journal post will contain this dressphere contest. :)
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Now that I have downloaded DFII and watched it at my own pace, I can see/understand more of what is going on. So here's my analysis. (Before I start I would like to say that I have only played FFX, X-2, and KH 1 & 2. I haven't played the previous FF games or any DOA game, but I know who the characters are and overall story. So I am biased toward the FF girls. Oh and there are spoilers ahead.)

I love how aggressive/bold Rikku is in fights. Mindlessly charging toward the fight (kind of my style of playing in fighting games, I lose a lot that way), and again charging Rachel when she is first introduced. She displayed similar characteristic in DFI, so I like how you gave them different personalities. I've said this before but she makes a very good partner.

I was going to say that Yuna seemed to be lacking, and doesn't really do much on her own. But as I rewatched it I noticed that she really looks after Tifa. Covering for her when she gets hit by Kasumi and staying with her when she low exhausted and eventually pulling out the potions. The team really has good chemistry, Rikku seems to look after Yuna, and Yuna after Tifa.

Tifa doesn't really need to do anything. She could just stand there and everyone (viewers) would be happy. I love how after she drank the potions, she added spells to her hits as if she didn't care and had mana to burn. Again, love the personality.

I was wondering if the falling battle, especially the part with the falling pieces was inspired by Advent Children. Also, I love Rikku's Xiaoyu move (the jump kick, kick, flip). She's one of the characters I frequently use when I play Tekken and it was cool to see it. Also I kind of saw some Taki moves in Kasumi and Ayane, Sophitia in Rinoa, and a bunch of Tekken moves in Tifa (heh Hwoarang combos). I also liked how you synced the action with the music (or vice versa), especially when Tifa cast haste and at the end with the strong beats. Also the end, did you get that part from Bleach? Like when Aizen and the others got caught up in those things. And the separating in different directions looked like when Ichigo and company first entered Seireitei.

Then I started think about the individual fights:
Ayane VS Rikku
Kasumi VS Yuna
Hitomi VS Tifa
Rachel VS Rinoa
?? VS Kairi

I want Rikku to win her fight, just because she is my favorite character in this series. And it would kinda be a downer to hold a fan costume contest, making her more of a favorite character and then have her lose. lol

Yuna's fight, I could see Yuna losing. I personally like what Kasumi has contributed to the fight (saving ppl with the "teleport" and taking the hit for Ayane so she can finish her move) than what Yuna has done for hers. Actually not only taking the hit, but teleporting away in case the Ayane needed more time. The only way I could see Yuna winning is that at some critical point in the match she pulls out something spectacular, something like Floral Fallal (the 3 things above her kinda reminds me of Hitsugaya's bankai). It would be kind of cool to see Yuna summon something.

In the Tifa/Hitomi battle I think you're trapped into having Tifa win because she's a fan favorite. But then again you hate predictability.

In the RvR battle, I don't really have an opinion since the characters were just introduced, but it should be a pretty interesting match-up. And I'm not very familiar with the characters' fighting style.

Then Kairi, I LOVE that Kairi is in this. Admittedly it was random, but the good kind. I thought it was cute that Kairi thought she could take on Rachel at the end. It would be cool to see her switch forms (Valor, Wisdom, Master, and Final). Oh, imagine Anti-Form Kairi! :D

Finally, I thought about how all this would end. I wonder if they will eventually all get together again for a final showdown. If that is the case I wonder if the they will fight and slowly kind of find each other or if the victor of matches would just drag the unconscious person to the final battlefield. I wonder how you can justify reviving the defeated DOA fighters, since FF characters can just cast Life or something. But whatever you do I'm sure it'll slide. I struggle to see how this will ultimately end with one team as a the victor. If I were to pick one team, it would be the FF team (cuz I'm biased). But even if I wasn't, I think the FF series is better as an RPG than DOA is as a fighting series. Especially since they sold out with Beach Volleyball. So I think gamers/viewers would be happier if the FF team won, I know I would (heh heh). I thought of two ways this could end:

One is have have the teams down to 2v1 or 1v1, the other people are unconscious around the battlefield. And before the final deciding strike (that would make one team clearly the winner) is dealt she freezes and helps her opponent up. Then everyone kinda slowly gets up, teams help each other out. Then somehow show them picking new teams then they scatter, kind of starting how DF1 started with Kasumi and Ayane chasing Yuna, but different (as if these girls get together weekly and beat the crap out of each other). Roll credits.

The other way I see this ending is as they fight the ground starts to shake, or something happens that they all sense and BAM. Something crashes and out of the smoke walk Ryu (Street Fighter), Dante, Snake, Link, Agent 47, Scorpoin, Vincent, etc... And they kinda join forces against a greater enemy, men. Sort of how the DOA movie ended (ya, I watched it) or Haloid (how M. Chick and Samus teamed up against the aliens). Heh, it would be funny to see all of the characters do a choreographed dance as a bonus. LOL.

Anyways, that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading and indulging my speculations. And yes I am aware that I am a dork.
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montyoum|Professional Filmographer
BTW I'm surprised no one has yet asked what's going on a 7:03 :D
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Hey Monty. What's giong on at 7:03? lol jk.

Well, when I watched it and all I could notice is for the first time Yuna and Rikku couldn't read each other's minds. Like how Yuna shot Tifa, but then again she didn't really need to do that if Tifa could just go running on the lava. But anyways, Yuna goes jumping off.....somewhere, and Rikku was about to cast something or do something magical. I don't know if it was that or something more technical.

Oh speaking of technical and around 2 second later you can see tiny girls in the lava waiting for the platform to come to them so it can break.
I love how you can go frame by frame with quicktime.

My favorite part is officially when Rinoa throws the FF girls on the blocks into the storm and someone (in my head its Rikku cuz I LOVE her :D) goes "IKE!!"

Oh and I thought of a 3rd way this could end....they just stop fighting and settle this "You Got Served"
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montyoum|Professional Filmographer
I liked reading it too. It feels good to know that someone notices the little things. When I'm working on a movie sometimes the people around me will tell me that I'm putting waay too much thought into it. But I guess that sorta thing is more of a fine line. The stuff you mention above like character through action is something of a requirement if you ask me. I enjoy protraying character as much as possible and the chosen character's character is the reason I choose the characters. If that makes any sense.


The conclusion of DFIII might surprise some people. I know there'll be a lot of people who like it. A great deal of people who will flat out HATE it for one singular reason, and there'll be people who will be floored by it.

Yuna's a tough one, I put off her battle while the ideas have more time to brew. So your input is actually of great value. I'm sure to ask/hear more later as to the direction I take. I tend to leave things up to chance because I often believe the direction things take is a matter of fate.

With as epic as these episodes are becoming, I think the 10 girls coming back together again is almost a nescessity.

I'm wondering also how I could explore avenues of non-combat storytelling. It'd be a good way to bring in more characters. For example Aerith would be a good avenue for storytelling as she's a truly influential character who simply doesn't work well as a fighter.

It might be predictable, but for them to team up against soemthing might just be plain fun. To see the same characteristics you're seeing now used in conjunction with the characters they were previously fighting is just plain fun. But it also kinda feels like the easy way out.

I think at the end of the day all we need are more sexy dance offs!
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When you said they could all team up against someone, Sephiroth and Alpha 152 (Kasumi's clone) popped into my mind. Other notable ones would be Doku from the DOA/NG side, and... about a hundred others from the Final Fantasy side.

About the Yuna VS Kasumi fight, have you considered having Yuna use a dressphere to change into her summoner outfit and summon a few beasts against Kasumi? I realize that it would be hard to find/create even one of those summons, but I think the fans would go crazy if you did, especially those who liked FFX but not FFX-2.

About Aerith, I worry that the fans may expect her to join the fight, and as you said, her forte lies outside the battlefield. Then again, even if she only play the role of a storyteller, many people would be happy just to see her. If you do end up going with it, you would have to be cautious, but then again, putting that much effort into all the nuances is your specialty, so I think it would work out.

Also, I don't know if you read it yet, but someone posted something about including a Nicole (the spartan from DOA4) as the 5th DOA girl. Seeing as how you should still have the character model from Haloid, it could definatelt happen, and would be a nice treat for all your fans who have been behind you since Haloid (reminds me of how Tsubasa Chronicles has many references to CLAMP's many franchise).
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wowserz, you put alot into this.

one: Anti-form Kairi=Bad Ass!

That would be so fucking awsome, i normaly dont sware but ... god that would be cool!

and yea, all girls teaming up agenst a new enimie, would be pure qenious!

and all of them becoming friends!

Would Be Awsome!

^ ^
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