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-plenty of good positive people
-people I would never meet in my daily life
-lot's of talent
-many beautiful people
-and endless resource of ideas and inspiration I would've never had without it
-a site where I don't need to know how to build websites (or pay for it)


-Very rare is the criticism constructive
-the occaisional bad egg who ruins it for everyone
-art theft
-the temptation to submit for comments rather than to submit art
-too much positive exposure leads to dillusion
-highschool popularity

questions we should ask ourselves:

-is art really what we think it is?
-am I really as good as people tell me?
-might there be another reason for my popularity/unpopularity?
-is it justified?
-why do I really do this?


anyone want to contribute to these?
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Aleks-kun Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
funny... you wrote down almost all the things I would have....

for the negative parts, someone should be headstrong enough to follow his line and don't get sucked by stupid/short/standard comments, which are, of course, 99,1% positiv, and rarely constructive.

for me I mainly try to comment longer and think about the submission, because I guess you (and mabye most of the others) submit them because they want to get a review on it.

Quite often I recieve, after a longer review, just a smiley or some words back with no relevance to what I have written (and most of all not a reply at all), so there always have to be two, who are willing to use this comment system here in a constructive way, and I have to tell you, that you are most of the time like that too :) (no offense, as you for sure get tons of comments, and simply get tired in answering or thinking to much about them; same as I do)

You do some great and outstanding work here, and I think you should not be to hard on yourself. 'Do your thing!', which should be a basic guideline, for almost everything in life.

Take care, and don't worry to much about the negative aspects of such a huge community as DA is. Enjoy the creativity here, enjoy the inspiration and the people who you met and stay in contact with. The rest is background noise. And from your point of view, this maybe include my comment here.

See you around.
montyoum Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2004  Professional Filmographer


just kidding.

Yeah you're right about that, I have the unfortunate habit of almost not caring about what anyone has to say to me unless it's someone I would dying to meet, i.e. : *blameshiori That sort of discrimintation is pretty damned unfair. Fact is that a lot of the people here are people I would be lucky to know in my real life if ever given the chance. The only one who loses out of course would be me.

Taking the time to write more than one line always stands out to me, trust me. I'm a terribly impatient person, but I read all of yours.
sakuradreams Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2004
thanks for the insight. these are things i have thought about many times. the cons are deifnitely something to consider, but then again, i think i keep coming back bc of the poeple i have met here.
BorrowTheWorld Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2004
I think that the bad eggs are made up for by the truly great people on here. But I agree with the non-constructive critisicm, that annoys me.
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June 29, 2004