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My family, being mixed of Japanese, Chinese, Veitnamese, and Cambodian, is split up between the dark side and the light side. As in half of the people in my family is light skinned, and half is dark skinned. I have an older brother a year older than me that I was paired up with growing up being so close in age and all. He was from the dark side. My parents anticipating that I'd be born a year after he was decided to name us after our father.

My father's name is Mony, I have no idea what it means. I can tell you that both my sister's names Sokunthea and Sokuntheary, both have a meaning something to do with "Scent of a flower." In my culture you don't give a girl a flower's name because flowers are abused and disgarded, so instead we name girls after the traits of a flower.

I can also tell you that my brother's both age 29 & 27 named Dareasey & Reaksmeychivy names mean "Light of life" & "Light of hope."

So as for our names, I was a light skinned little boy and my brother was a dark skinned little boy. Name after our father Mony, he was named Monyneath, and I was named Monyreak. In short my brother's name means DIRT, and my name means CRUMBS.
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That's rather saddening.
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