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I'm watching queer eye for the straight guy. I think the grooming guy is the sexiest one. I wonder if there's some drama going on behind the camera..

Oh uhh..  hi there...

Uhhh... ahem, yeah... how about that... local sports team

Man I have got to get outta here.

Went to see Freddy vs. Jason today. Kiss ass fight scene, so so as a horror movie. And pretty damned short.

Bought Chaos legion and Silent hill 2 for about seven bucks and a lot of scheming.

Working on those abs, yeah really needs some work. Two and a half years of dancing games has turned my legs into cannons, now I've gotta do my noodle arms

(Note to girls looking for a tighter ass: play DDR/Pump, my ass is tight)

Things to do b4 Hootie's birthday:

1) Print custom wrapping paper

2) Print pop up card

3) Melt and mold chocolate

4) Think of something to actually do

Thanks to everyone who comments on my images, I find everything to be very helpful.
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August 22, 2003


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