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I used to keep a real journal ya know. One I where I would catologue daily my highschool stupidity. I'm not sure where it is now, but some four-five odd years of yap yap yap still led to nothing. I think the spirit of keeping a journal was so that I wouldn't let a day slip by without appreciating it. Not let them all blend together and so forth. Well I guess that ended up backfiring. I promised myself I'd never regret my highschool life and the way I lived it, but it still all ended up being a big waste of time.

Well anyhow I guess there's no hope changing the past. The most important lesson I've learned are that I stay vigilant and true to my purpose. Officially right now I'm on a break from college, but down to the bare bones I'm a straight up loser. I never really graduated from highschool, I dropped out in my junior year because I was so eager to "see the world." But the thing is I never stood on my own two feet. I've got a shitty job, and practically no friends. No real future to speak of.

I'm not sure what kind of point I'm trying to make, but it's keeping me up at night.

DA is a kind and generous community that can only do so much. The people I've met here are the kind of people I wish I knew growing up. But I guess these are the cards I was dealt.
drackar Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
man...get your GED, something, if you dont have some papers, its not that hard I hear. If you dont like your classes...switch for a while, try something new. Hell, take a year of ceramics. Its calming, trust me.
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March 31, 2004


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