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Bad Timing

Thu Feb 10, 2005, 2:26 AM
Well, seems the one crucial week where I absolutely NEED to take source photos, espcecially lanscape shots that are ultimately dependant on time of day. My car is incapacitated, man sucks to be stuck at home doing nothing when I've got so much to do.

Ok, well no use in getting caught up in despair. I'll try to take this and turn it around, but some things shouldn't have to be the way they are.

In other news:

Valentine's day is coming up, I put in a request for the day of over two weeks ago, let's see if I get fucked over...

Tekken 5 regionals are coming up, I'm either getting better or playing worse players... actually the other day I was playing against Mun and his legendary Hwoarang and threw him for a loop a few times. Maybe it's because he hasn't been around in a while though. Everyone has a weekness despite how good they are. Even the most surgically precise players who know all the frame data, juggles, etc. still fall for something. *cough* *cough* (Paik)

I'd like to become a better dancer, I've definitely grown beyond Pump/DDR. But there's little going on that I know of in this city. I've always had little exposure to that sort of thing. Getting into shape has been a priority of mine lately. Sit-ups at work, sweating as much as I can whenever possible. I just feel silly these days among people half my age. I'll still play of course, but there's gotta be more...

State-wide smoking ban in two months :boogie: sorry to all the smokers out there, but I'm literally sick of it. When I'm in a roomfull of people smoking I can't help but feel like I'm in a room full of people masturbating out of their faces. I can spend literally five mintutes around smokers and get ill. It seems no matter where I sit in relation to them I'm always dowind of their smoke. I wish there was some sort of compromise really, but I guess there's no real solution. Those who are out to fight it would argue it's infringes on the freedoms etc etc. Bar owners especially will take the most damage from this. I can understand and sympathize with that, I've never been to a bar with no smoking. I doubt they'll do half as well.

Comments are disabled on my page for my own sake. I've better spend my time working rather than checking every ten minutes for more comments. Nothing personal, really.
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crystada Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
The bar ownwers might take a hit at first, but it won't really be that bad. Most places just end up building pavillions or some other patio-type things outside. Honestly, us drunks find a way to perservere! We will have our alcohol! Drunk is actually much more fun when your eyes aren't burning in your head.
blameshiori Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2005
"When I'm in a roomfull of people smoking I can't help but feel like I'm in a room full of people masturbating out of their faces."

Haha, that's a good way of putting it.
saturnsoul Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
Ugh, I hate being in a room with those people.
Koaruholland Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
I hear ya on the smoking ban I can't wait. its the best thing to happen when it comes to bans in this state. I can't wait o regionals it should be fun to watch and play even thought i know i'll get my asswhipped i'm gonna start practicing more and hopefully i will pass the first round if i get good enough oh well good luck with your work see ya around monty.

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