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Another One for the Lynching...

Wed Feb 20, 2008, 3:38 AM

deviant aarein has noted me with an awesome idea!!!!!!

"yo, i kno u dont kno me, but u should really make a fighting seen between sasuke from naruto in his black outfit with his cape when he fights itachi, versus hiei from yuyu hakusho. me n many of my friends think this would b awesome! or atleast think about it."

And then later that day...

"i ment 2 include hitsugaya from bleah as wel! so u should make a fighting clip of sasuke uchiha from naruto, hiei from yuyu hakusho, and hitsugaya from bleach"

I'll get right on it!

Admittedly this sounds like a twelve year old. So it really just makes me chuckle. Hopefully he'll outdo me someday. Although, I don't remember being twelve and asking other people to do my work for me.

lets see update.

Living it up hotel style, cramming like crazy. got a snorer in the next room. Can't wait till I've got my own private estate where I can blast my music all by my lonesome as much I want.

movie's looking good, so good that I wanna put out some spoilers. Seriously I think I'm in love with ahem... one of the characters.

Just found out today that I'm leaving LA earlier than I thought.  Don't think it'll put more than one night's cramp in my work.  And a temporary few hundred dollar hole in my wallet.

Possibly might be on GT Tv. I have just enough time left here to visit Gametrailers HQ again. Been meaning to see those guys. I hear Geoff Keighly is a fan of my work!

Most importantly, had another vision last night. Please forgive me in a few years (or hopefully not) when Dead Fantasy VII comes out and I use perhas an overused track (hell forgive me in another 4 months when Dead Fantasy III comes out when I use perhaps the most overused track for AMV's period.

But back (Or rather forward) to Dead Fantasy VII... It'll make you cry.

I did.

Also, I apologize ahead of time for the exorbident amount of Fanservice included in Dead Fantasy II.

The dressphere submissions & design submissions in general is an ongoing thing. Anyone who has a design should always feel fere to send it my way.

  • Listening to: WAR
  • Reading: Cinefex
  • Watching: My Weight
  • Playing: Devil May Cry 4
  • Eating: Salad
  • Drinking: Milk
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SEspider Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008  Professional General Artist
Be sure to update us when GT post your interview on the site. I MUST SEE IT!!!....!

I seriously have no clue as to where to start when it comes to that type of clothing. If I get the time, I'll do some research and see what I can come up with.
CyreKnight Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008
And while I'm on here, I'm going to throw in my 12-year-old comment since I'm playing the game: Strider. Or the things you could do with Bionic Commando and his grappling hook arm. If only this writing = sketches.
CyreKnight Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008
Dude...salad and milk? Watching your weight? What happened to the ceiling-tile moving, smoke-bomb throwing, building-rappeling Monty I used to know?!?

Anyway, I'm still keeping an eye on you, man. I hope you're doing well in your endeavors and STILL wondering why I haven't called out of work to play your games!


Eric O.
IamZ Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008
Overused? As far as I can think at the moment, if it isn't "Bodies" by Drowning Pool or any Linkin Park song, I don't think it's overused to the point of forgiveness being necessary.
Firia Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
I thought of you today. :D

I was having this discussion about who would win; Xenosagas' KOS-MOS, or Alita (Gally) of Battle Angel Alita fame. I would natureally root for Alita, but ultimately the discussion was fruitless. Why? I declare; Anime, that's why. :D (You know how anime can get all kinds of stupid with robo-girls. KOS-MOS probably has some kinda planet killing DBZ laser canon in her Navel. :shrug:)

But then I giggled. "I should suggest a match up to ol' Monty; A fight between KOS-MOS and Alita (all Tuned up! A1-Style!), and watch you foam at the mouth. :lmao:
neon-zrox Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
glad to hear the update. love your movies. best of luck.
celark Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
thats a great idea, i always wanted to see Dante from devil may cry fight against Ryu from Ninja Gaiden
jimmypham Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
You're going to use Faint by Linkin Park, aren't you? hahaha....can't wait to see it.
Rikku92 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Student
hey i have an awesome rikku dressphere design if your accsepting them now
3zz Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
I hope its not Juno Reactor D= Also, seriously I think I'm in love with ahem... you.
Hessya Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
in love with who?lol
walloffame Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
I know I might sound like a 10 year old wen i say this, but how far are you into the project. like, when (approximately) can we expect a release date do you think? because Im hooked on your stuff and its driving me crazy trying to wait for ur next release. Im not expecting a response directly or anything(cus ur way busy) but in ur next journal, u think you could let me and all of ur other "adoring fans" know how far you are into it and when we can expect Dead Fantasy II out?
walloffame Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
As of today (Feb 20) aarein has been a member for 4 days with NO submitted deviations
3zz Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
That doesn't say much.
WarkEnto Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can't wait for the video. Keep doing what you do best, dude. :)
ThornedVenom Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I'd love to see you on GT TV: they have the most interesting online shows (reviews, retrospectives, etc...) related to videogames.

Heck, I personally think that they kick G4's ass.
SirceUnlimited Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008   Writer
I cried just thinking about it. BRAVO!
Rai-len Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
hey....look at my fanart of sasuke vs hiei [link]
it woul make me and watchers of my art very happy...cuz it seems to one the more popular ones of my art...
Kurotoboe Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Student Digital Artist
I was thinking that for the ninja design, instead of using the typical ninja weapons, Rikku could use those wires like that chick from Red Ninja. I drew someone else wearing it but hey. Just wanna let you know.

SophieHoulden Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Professional General Artist
meh, snorings not so bad, my first year in halls, I literally had a schitzo in the room above throwing herself against the walls and below there was a couple... they were totally screamers too... all night...

as for the request, I judge a persons awesomeness by the stupidity of thew requests they get. you sir, are awesome.
luckydragonbb Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
Are you still accepting art work for the movie dead fantasy?
kenken2002 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
me ain't no love for naruto , ain't no love for bleach either ... BUT HELL YEAH FOR HIEI !!! HIS DRAGONS PAWNZ !!!

p/s: just wondering ... does 3ds max's / maya's fire comes in black ? i don't recall seeing such setting yo ...
ShaneNewville Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Professional Filmographer
You're back! I love reading
what you have to say. I might
be wrong, but I feel if I can
learn enough from watching
what you do, and take in the
wisdom you share with the
public, I'm one step closer to
finding out what it is that you've
got. Your videos are so
inspiring to me. I think I can
see you expressing yourself
more clearly than most people
could dream of. I really want
that in my own life. It's what
I've been striving for. In a way
I guess you're somewhat of a
role model to me. I don't want
to be you. I just want that
freedom to create and express
what is already inside, like you

I hope I don't sound like an
obsessed crazy. It's just that
you remind me how possible
it is to achieve those goals by
just doing it.

Some day, when you get a long
vacation and lots of time to
spare :roll: please write a book
about your workflow. Or at
least give an example of what
one of your projects look like
from start to finish.

Keep doing doing what you
do Mr Oum.
montyoum Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Professional Filmographer
I posted in a forum randomly sometime ago, but this might help:

Let's see workflow workflow...

I guess I"M so used to it it's kinda hard to describe.

Describing it literally I suppose it goes some thing like this.

First thing is I pick a song that I can use for the layout of the movie. Since I can't compose my own music, the best I can do would be to use my limited ability to mix tracks. So once I've got a song that I layout something out to I put it on my phone and in my car so I can listen to it anytime. So it's come to about 30 songs right now. That = 30 movies that I can make, give or take. Not all of them complete, just with high and low points and things that I want to emphasize. Like that big THUUUUNNG sound when Rikku lands in the fight. I built it around those moments, just picturing it in my head whenever I can. Listening to the song Driving to work, at work, waiting in line, shopping with the girlfriend, etc.

Sometimes I have the assets ready beforehand, sometimes it takes diggign it up afterwards. In the case of dead Fantasy, I wouldn't have known to start thinking about until I got those models from Mario who sent me Kasumi, Hitomi & Ayane. At that point I also knew that the FFX & FFX-2 models were ripped too. So I got the tools for that and starting rigging them in poser.

I mentioned before that I use only the body and I replace the heads and hand with the Daz Aiko model. Not having to rig the hands saves me a whole lot of trouble, and I try to preserve the morph targets built into the face as well. And like I said it meant that there had to be something to hide the seams like a chokcer or braceletes. It's kinda a hack way of doing it, but I'm all about living with mistakes in light of the bigger piture . Once the characters are done I also take time building the scene out of whatever parts I can find.

Not going into how I go about animating them and such it'd probably be better to describe the process after that.

In poser for each scene I have I render out in preview mode an AVI. So everytime the camera cuts it's a new poser file. The longer the cut the longer the investment in animating which in poser gets ready cumbersome over time. It's better to animaate from the hip rather than the body and eventually the longer the scene gets in poser the more rotations get added and the farther away the charactergets from their position center. Once I'm satisfied with a sequence I'm ready to cut save the file and then resave it under a different name take the last pose to the first frame and start from there. Reset all the rotations and try to match the character's previous position. It's almost like this hinderance makes it easier because of the workaround I had to make for it.

So I try to go as low poly as possible which is why I've been riggins in game models. The playback is very important to get the timing of a scene down. Not having to render out (in preview mode) scene after scene makes gettign the timing alot easier. Once I'm satisfied with the timing in poser. I render out the preview movie into my bucket folder for Adobe Premiere. Everytime I update the movie and make that AVI again it updates in premiere which is rally convienient.

I got back and forth between premiere alot because there I have the song I was visualizing to set aside the avi's in a sequence. Building it like as if I were making an AMV, I have a guildine of what timing to do from there. Thus it affects the scene in poser. So with that I go BACK into poser and start moving keyframes around to get a generally good timing in snyc with the soundtrack. Eventually after adding sound effects the syincing iwth the music get dulled a bit. But I save for the "large" moments in which are the ones working up to for little to no sound at all.

oh look my render's done...

I'll continue more on this later biggrin.gif
eyon Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2008
Not sure if I even deserve to be talking to you (or livin in the same state as you) but,some of your fans go to daley college(and have no deviant account)and are DEEP into production of there own beats if you want I know a few ppl who can actually create a song you want and there equipment ain't bad plus commision are pretty cheap.
ShaneNewville Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008  Professional Filmographer
Thank you so much for sharing Mr Oum. I really appreciate it.
This is definitely very helpful information to me. I love reading
that your movies are music driven. I have often found myself
daydreaming about sweet arse animation sequences I wanted to
make while listening to dope tracks as well. Someday I hope
they come up with the technology to tap into the imagination
and record it strait to video. It's the same with making music.
That's why learning more things = more freedom. The imagination
to me, is complete freedom. I mean, the mind is the only limit
and it doesn't matter what skills you have.


You're way ahead of me as far as ripping models and rigging
them in Poser goes, but I am going to learn through reading
up on it and practicing. If you ever decide you want to start
programming your own beats and engineering stuff feel free to ask
anything you want. I will gladding help you out any way I can.

I can't wait to see your next creation (I mean, I can wait, but only
because I have to). Stay fresh!
Xiras Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sounds cool :] hope all goes well ^^
JustMeow Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
also... whoo 1 secret level left to beat in DMC4 damn the royal blocker and the one u have to shoot the 2 targets within 30 secs... i had 00:00:19 secs left when i finally beat that godforsaken level. Only the forever evil most not hit to get style level... you will be mine last blue orb!!!1
JustMeow Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
Eww salad and milk together just doesnt sound good to me at all. Yeah for cinefex!
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