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Finally some art. About time huh?

Had this concept in my head for a while. Hair that transitions into the threads of a feather. Thought of it back when I heard about how wax extensions are done.

Anyhow I think I overdid it a bit and didn't really end up with what I was aiming for. Also there's gads of thing I didn't do, but I've already spent too much time one this one. Time to move back into movie production.

If you can't tell this is and update of an old Rinoa Artwork I did so long ago. After all that I'd added it's hard to tell it's her anymore.

This pic is a combination of multiple renders photos and a good amount of drawing. Weird thing about this is I used so many separate renders, there are "drawing issues" in that my 2D-3D process made it so that some of the layers of her dress don't make any sense, almost overlapping in an escher-ish way. But not really.

And before anyone asks, I imagine something's going on with her dress coming undone. Which is odd cause while I was thinking this up I was remembering that music video to the Duran Duran Song. If you're an 80's kid you'll know what I mean.

...Or was it ordinary world?

P.S. This pic is big. I like to give :D Do Please take and use however you feel.

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