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The Gang Alt wear

lolol we'll figure out how to use this for something
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Best outfits of the whole show.
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Mounty :........................(
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I miss you Monty
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Like...honestly? I think I preferred it when they used Poser. 

Also, is no one curious HOW this account is STILL a core member account? Someone has to pay for the membership and it ain't Monty....
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You can gift Memberships, I'm sure this account has been gifted enough for a lifetime.
Ehsol-namu's avatar
Oh, I forgot about that. 
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Has both arms!?!?!??!?!?!....
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boy you clearly didnt watch the older version

yes yang have both arm before it was cut off by adam in volume 3

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You do realize this was made before he passed away...
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Godspeed you magnificent bastard :)
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Thank you Monty, I just discovered RWBY this yesterday. I can't stop watching. RIP Monty, your work is truly a gift to the world.
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Just want to let you know, watch the Season 1 trailers. They're not trailers, they're a prologue, and if you're not on season 2 yet, there will be two characters you won't know about who show up.
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The last thing he said on here contained laughter. :) Rest well, Monty. Neath's trying his best to be Ren. I'm sure you'd be proud.
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I still can't believe he's gone RIP you will be missed :(Waaaah! 
LaReforma1857's avatar
Awesome work, R.I.P Monty :(
Cookieswirldonut's avatar
I love their Alt wear!
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The hell? Everyone's talking like you're dead or something. Buncha freackin' loonies if you ask me. Anyhoo, isn't it about time you updated your stuff? This is al the way back from Volume 2, c'mon keep up!
YourOrdinaryArtist's avatar
...he did die. :( No joke.
YukiNitta's avatar
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Sorry, I couldn't get to the list of replies page. Phone wouldn't let me.
YukiNitta's avatar
Ah. No problem.
SailormoonWarrior11's avatar
He is dead. He died from an allergic reaction...
YukiNitta's avatar
Yes I know. If you can't tell, I'm acting as if he's alive so it's easier to deal with.
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