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DFII Wallpaper - Angel

By montyoum
Whoohoo another one pushed out the door in record time.

Rinoa from Dead Fantasy II. I'm very proud of her model as I actually spent a lot of work on it. Feet are a little eehh, and the UV's on the sweater, dress, thing don't really go anywhere on the edges but whatever. I built her while I was in a hotel room.

Why so sad?
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well, she is resting at a bonfire i suppose
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Great Image!!!!!
Its so Real Congratulations
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Rest in peace Monty
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Dude... I  don't think I'll ever get over how you dropped Kairi in this series. :)
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Rest in peace, Monty :(
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It's a shame that the series has to end like it did, with no true ending.
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I'm not even sure if it'll really happen, but I would honestly really want Rooster Teeth to pick up Monty's work of Dead Fantasy and do everything they can to continue it. They're already continuing his work of RWBY as best they can, so why not also continue Dead Fantasy and maybe even see if they can do more with what they did in the Yellow Trailer for RWBY, when Yang said she was looking for the Transient Princess (Rinoa). Why is Yang looking for her and what does she hope to accomplish when she does find her?
It's moments like this that make me believe Rinoa actually transforms into Ultimecia in the future. Too bad Square vehemently denies this, even though it adds SO much more depth to the FF8 storyline. 
Very well done u don't do commissions do u I was after a male angel ID for my page and I lack the skill to draw one
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This isn't a drawing, but 3D work

And regardless, Monty, who made this, is dead
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aww....the sword reminds me of Cervantes' weapon from Soul Calibur...
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It's Squall's Gunblade. >_>
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I know that. I just saw the resemblance.
you will be missed
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...maybe she saw through the future and couldn't tell anyone about it ~_~
RIP Monty..You won't be forgotten..never..
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SO CRAZY!!!!!!I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!! a star for u....
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The way Tifa fights in DF reminds me a lot of the way Yang fights in the yellow trailer :)
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Beautiful. That is all.
I had tried everything finding this was the greatest thing thats ever happened my success was effortless just think of all the possibilities
This product uses among the BEST Acai available on the market. (Not all Acai is created equally.)
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Rinoa-chan? Why are you sad?
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wow thats just .. amazing !
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