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I'm not sure if anyone would pay attention to this and I'm not sure what other sites to ask, but if anyone has any of monty's old dead fantasy composites/backgrounds can they let me know?

Wayback machine has some of them still downloadable and the dead fantasy fandom wikia does have some more of monty's pictures and backgrounds, however the composites for the three rinoa walk files and separate ways doesn't seem available.

For those who don't know, Monty previously uploaded lots of png pictures and composites (I assume he deleted some backgrounds at the time when he was improving his models, not sure as it's been so long.) He also uploaded gif previews of future fights and even a video of Hitomi's hits (at least I think it was Hitomi, it's really hard working with broken links in wayback)

I don't know if he did others, but he did do packs of dead fantasy II where it was renders of Rinoa's walk and Separate ways where the square enix girls parted. They were uploaded to show an idea of his process and he was always generous to let anyone make their own pictures with them and any of his pictures so long as they link back to him, cause he really loved seeing everyone's creativity with them.

I'm asking because as of now since monty deleted a lot of his dead fantasy content here, it's basically lost media at this point and it would be really sad to lose these pictures. I had the rinoa packs and separate ways, but my file for separate ways got corrupted and this was years ago when I was much younger and didn't have the know-how to back up everything. The rinoa packs I have are perfectly fine. There was a youtube video someone posted compiling the composite pictures but they seem to be inactive.

I think maybe it would be appropriate to upload the files to the internet archive for everyone to remember his work and use, but if anyone thinks that's a bad idea let me know.

!!!!!! You have the Rinoa packs???? YOoooo. By all means, we gotta preverse the Dead Fantasy stuff 100%. I've only seen that one video on YouTube that had a ton of Dead Fantasy previews. Mostly just screenshots, Tifa waking up, early DF6 Rikku and Ayana Choreo, etc.

Any links to that Rinoa pack? This is the first I've heard of it.

Hey, sorry for the late reply, I'm super inactive on DA lol. I'm glad you agree, I was really bummed about not being able to save a lot of stuff of his, and since monty's gone, a lot of the stuff that he'd have back in the day are missing, even stuff that was there for ages. The composites were there from, I think, 2009? After monty deleted the separate ways composite, that was when my file got corrupt haha.

The Rinoa ones (it's 3 of them consisting of Rinoa's appearance and walk in DFII) at the time were still up so I got to back it up.

His old deviantart is viewable by wayback machine but some links are broken. A lot of the backgrounds and pictures are thankfully available on the dead fantasy fandom wiki. I'd be more than happy to reupload the Rinoa walk composite files to the internet archive! (haven't done it before but should be easy, I think.) I'll have to get my hard drive later though, it's packed away atm.

I'm hoping to get the message out so that it could be a collective effort of all of monty's old art archived in the internet archive so that everyone can use and enjoy (and hopefully someone has the Separate Ways composite that I'm looking for.) Do you have any ideas on what places I could ask? I've already posted to reddit so far.

Hmm. I’m a in a Discord server that has one of the animators he worked with on RWBY, Shane Newville. You could probably try asking here:

Other than that, I don’t know where else to ask besides here and the RWBY Reddit, since idk how many RWBY fans even know of DFs existence.

RIP Monty. Nobody can ever replace you. Even after 8 years since you left this earth. You sadly left us too soon old friend. But we are not here to morn your loss of life. We are here to say thank you

You left us with a gift that has inspired us through the years. If only you could see how much RWBY has inspired thousands of people all over the world. And RWBY is still going strong. And we hope that it will keep going strong for many years to come.

We all miss you old friend. On behalf of every fan of RWBY out there.

We want to say. Thank you for everything you have done for us and everything you have given us.

Rest Easy Monty.

Monty Oum


Hello Mr Oum,

I was watching dead fantasy again and just want to come by and say thanks for making it so entertaining. Your art age like fine wine even though I don't drink. I would surely liked to have a beer or two with you.

Hi Monty,

I wish you were still here for me to tell you this. But I finally finished an epic long story, after 16 years and you were a huge inspiration to me as I was writing it.

I hope you’re happy, wherever you are, and that you know. No matter how much time goes by, I will never forget you and the amazing work you left behind.

Because I know you will be a legend for years to come and you will continue to light people’s imaginations in the wonderful way only you could.

All the best to you Monty. May you always shine in our Hearts.