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It left him wary of the future. The last time something like this happened, he didn't know what to exactly expect.
It would prepare him, they said. It would make him callous and fortified in both skin and in sense. His emotions strayed far from the midpoint of his rationale and his better judgement where they overlapped with his reckless mind and adventurous desires.
His fists were clenched, his knees were bent. He did not understand where exactly it would lead him, but with the glimmering pathway before him, he felt all his muscles loosen and tense immediately and then he dove forward, into the bright unknown.
He would find out where this surprise left him.
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A Namesake ~ FFM.5.challenge
1934, July 5th:
"We stood tall, strong. America and its toils knew ways that could veil their intentions, leaving us in the wake of their ulterior motives. However, we were not only arranged for our convictions, but for all of the other wharfies like us - the ones who were fewer in number and meeker in spirit."
The conditions were unyielding: the cold did not bite at the Russian like it once did when he worked the docks in his homeland. Three years in San Francisco and he found it equally imperative and inescapable that he prove himself not only a man, but a sensible one at that. The protest and its head figures were vivid and absolute; he knew why he wanted to be a docker, a longshoreman, though many of the others in the union did not coincide with an adamant resolve.
They leaped over one another shoulders, yearning to snatch their glimpse of the endgame, while none of them were willing to stand at the front of the line.
None like Juerg Hieldton-Grimm.
The days were long
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BA in Theatre Performance, Rider University Class of 2016.
La Strada Ensemble Theatre Founding Member.
Breaking Through the Box Theatre Company.
Luna Stage Theatre Co. Acting Company.
Visions Productions Founder, Artistic Co-Director.
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Oh. Hello there~ 8"D
I'm not one for writing on here, but writing is what I do.

So, particular areas of artistic interest do include drawing, writing [ literature / stories ], performing [ vocal & acting ; musical theatre ] and so forth. However, the only ones pertaining to the uploads I may or may not have in here will concern writing, drawings and routinely the Youtube covers that Erik and I do. I'm not the best drawer in the world, obviously, but that's what we're here for, right? To learn and help one another grow? ^^~

Well, it's also the Holiday Season. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. =D I know I am.

Uhm.. But, right now, I'm only sitting in the basement, playing the Wii with the little brother. It's... quite the task, let me tell you.

Alas, I came on here to start up this Journal. I'm presently tossing my Nanowrimo work up on Gaia, which is my main site of writing, for a fran o'mine to read. If you're interested, feel free to take a peak:

Shattered Caelus by MonseiurMaestronty [… ]
Image of the wrench taken by Lemongrass, who is credited just about everywhere, but is used without their consent. So, if they ask for it to be removed, there shouldn't be much of any argument. But their work is awesome. You should check it out if you haven't already seen them.  [ ]

So, that's that.

Here are a list of links you can either click or completely ignore. -leshrug- Whatever you'd like. =D





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SRSmith Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016   Writer
Thanks for the watch, and for the :+fav: on 'Tips for Writing Flash Fiction', I hope you find it useful!
RyutehRyu Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011   General Artist
natopatato Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Hiya! thanks for the watch!
montymaestro Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Professional Artist
No problem!

I actually meant to contact you, but I was too lazy to do anything. I'm still too lazy to go into depth, but less than what I once was! : D

Splendid to meet your acquaintance, stranger. My name's Darin, but you can call me Monty, or whatever you please. Uhm, I'm not entirely sure what you know him by, but my friend Erik Garnes directed me towards your page for your artistic talents, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in aiding me and a few other artists [primarily writers] in drawing up one of our stories into a manga.

A few basic facts:
- Based off of Naruto, except it'd be in an alternate universe - that is to say that Naruto himself never existed [nor did Sakura or Sasuke], but the facts of the Universe of Naruto still apply.
- Original concepts and characters make it a bit more of a pressing matter for copyrights and trust issues, I suppose, but we'll grow into that with time.
- Writers and artists will collaborate and come together time from time, and speak of matters for the art and whatnot.
- If you are familiar with Gaiaonline [or even have an account] I am able to feed you information from there, for it was constructed in a guild; the sequel is currently underway as well.

For specifics, or if you're interested at all, feel free to contact me here or send me an instant message on msn [] or via AIM [puffimarshmllw] - seeing as how I'm on either of those places more often.

If you've no experience with drawing manga, that's fine. If you're not interested, though, that's fine as well. I've no definite assurances that you will gain profit other than recognition and acknowledgement as one of the artists if you partake.

Thanks, again! Looking forward to hearing from you.
natopatato Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
hiya Darin! i sent you an msn invite
im definitely interested in your offer but only somewhere in the month of april =[ only because im already working on something important right now
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