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The Hack Brothers are painfully shy, homely and sexually frustrated.  At the age of 29, they are unmotivated, reclusive, jobless and completely demented.  Living in slums, trailers or their mother's basement in this flustered state has formed Monty and Steve into perverted, woman-hating miscreants.  With no social outlet, due to their relative unpopularity and social ineptitude, each spends hours masturbating and watching B-rated slasher flicks.  

They've both developed a sadomasochistic view of women--especially toward the hardbodied ditzes who have antagonized the Brothers throughout their lives.  Their relatively unappealing and sickly looks and awkward social deviancy leave them NO options for getting to know the opposite sex in the conventional way.  About the ONLY thing the Brothers have going for themselves is their high IQs, which will give them a decided advantage over the targets of their dark desires.  

                                                                         Monty Hack by montyhack                                         Steve Hack by montyhack

Over the years, their isolation and chastisement from the hot girls in school and in other aspects of their day-to-day lives have had a very expected and sadistic result--especially from their Sisters.  Monty and Steve have watched their Sisters grow into beautiful, bitchy, airheaded and bonerfide hotties.  Over the years, they've independently developed secret desires for their sexy siblings--unbeknownst to one another or their airheaded Sisters.  Starting first with simple ways to cop a cheap feel by tickling, or by spying on their sunbathing or undressing Sisters.  Part of the allure of these desires for Monty and Steve is that their witless Sisters continue to prance around in tight and skimpy clothing and undies--unaware of their Brothers' twisted fantasies.  Their sexual torment and perverted, sadomasochistic desires have reached a boiling point.  What will these intelligent, hedonistic deviants do with their sexy, ditzy Siblings? 

Buxom Beauties:

The Hack Sisters are beautiful, popular, greedy, sensual and extremely ditzy.  Though, dull by any definition, their sex-appeal has made the Sisters popular with the opposite sex--and they know how to use it.  All are extremely vain and believe that flaunting a little TITS & ASS can take you a long way in life, especially if the 'boy' has money! They believe that all 'boys' should be directed to do their bidding.  They treat most 'boys' like garbage, but especially their 'LOSER' brothers whom dwell in the basement.    

Sonya (26)  SONYA HACK (OC BIO) by montyhack   Wendi (23)  WENDI HACK (OC BIO) by montyhack  Julie (21)  JULIE HACK (OC BIO) by montyhack   Taylor (18)  TAYLOR HACK (OC BIO) by montyhack  

The sisters are treated like royalty unlike the pitiful and sickly Monty and Steve. It doesn't help that the privileged sisters treat them like unwanted garbage. Truly ashamed of their brothers and not afraid to say it, the sisters' haughty arrogance is matched only by their vanity. Suffice it to say, strong resentments boiled, which compel the Brothers to view their popular and pretty siblings as their greatest antagonists. 

The Hack Brothers are desperate to bring much needed business to their failing stock photography business. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to hire models for the kinds of posters they'd like to sell. What can they do to increase their sales?

As Monty surfs the web for ideas one day, he stumbles across a mind-control (hypnosis) app for smart phones. If they can use this simple app, perhaps they 'convince' girls to take cheesy & sexy pinup pictures to sell as posters to a legion of salivating fans!

But, on whom do the brothers test this experimental app? How about some sexy, ditzy bimbos at their beckoned call!

Their beautiful adoptive sisters provide  a valuable pool of sexy resources. Aside from being gorgeous, these girls are popular and extremely social. The brothers have grown jealous of the attention their sisters get from family, friends and boys.

Mind-Controlled Buxom Beauties (FREE COMIC) by montyhack


Monty and Steve are not the only ones who hold sadistic and carnal desires for Sonya, Wendi, Julie and Taylor.  They are joined by a cast of societal 'outcasts,' also chastised by the hot women of the world. From the perverted carnie sideshow act, Uncle Darrel, Cousin Elijah, Guy 'the Village Idiot,' and the rest, how will these deviants play a role in your fantasies?

Motley Crew  (Supporting Cast) by montyhack

Every diabolical and perverted plot requires the essential tools to get the job done.  These are but a few examples of the devious devices and horrific tools to use in dispatching of our HOTTIES...
                                                                                                                                           Demented Devices by montyhack

Full length erotic peril to satiate the most twisted desires in us all. Warning: Must be at least 18 years old to enter. Images WILL contain sexy ditzy girls, perverted peeping toms, sadistic serial killers, monstrous aliens and boogey men... Expect to see fantasies of mind control, and the most graphic and darkest desires.


Knight3000 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool characters
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Thanks.., they're tons of fun =D
Knight3000 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes they look like they are fun :D
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