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SORDID SERIES (02 of 02)

The Hack Bros fool the "ditzy" Wendi to take some erotic pictures for her modelling website. Monty and Steve use a new app to hypnotizes the unsuspecting "bimbo" without resistance. After all, it's easy to control the mind of a mindless dullard. Filled with uncontrollable sexual frustration and rage, the Bros fulfill their most twisted fantasies on their pretty protagonist.

Wendi: "Like, these better be GOOD pictures, LOSERS!"

Steve: "No worries Wendi, we have good equipment."

Monty: "You should pose in your g-string.., publishers want to the curves of their models."

Wendi: "Whatever.., it looks like I have a new text.., but it's from you..."

Monty: "You are now under our control Wendi!"

Wendi: "Yes master... what do you want me to do?"

Steve: "Pose for us as you would for your boyfriend!"

Monty: "Lay down and get ready for a magic trick!"

Wendi: "Yes master.., I will obey..."

Steve: "GOD, she's an AIRHEAD!"
11 pud-pounding pages of EROTIC PERIL & DISMEMBERMENT (GORE)jasonplz emoticon 

Noose WARNING: Mind Control, Fondling, Peril, Ryona, Dismemberment & Beheading (Gore), taboo and more

DOWNLOAD all 11 Ultra high quality images in this series only 50 points  ================================================================>

See 01

Mature Content

Basement Hypnosis Session Vol 1 (Sordid Series) by montyhack

Villager with axe see the full story here...Hack Brothers v the Mind-Controlled Buxom BeautiesDownload a FREE COMIC here...:8Bfap:      

WENDIWENDI HACK (OC BIO) by montyhack          MONTY

Mature Content

Monty Hack by montyhack

Mature Content

Steve Hack by montyhack

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Swirly Wendi and her gorgeous sisters are available for SEXY PINUP & and COMIC COMMISSION work...

Mature Content

Erotic Art and Comic Commissions (Open) by montyhack
Psycho Mickey
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