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PeeWees Big Adventure

This is my second piece for the Crazy 4 Cult show at the awesome Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. If you're not familiar with the Crazy4Cult show, it consists of a bunch of different artists doing their interpretations of cult movies. The past two shows were packed with some great stuff and i'm really looking forward to seeing what'll be there this year. If you live near the LA area you should check it out. Show runs from July 16th til August 8, 2009.

This piece will be available through the gallery, along with the Goonies one, starting July 16th, it's a limited edition run of 50 giclee prints signed and the size is 16" x 20".
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This is soooo awesome!  Is there any way to still get a print of this???
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Too bad he turned out to be a pedophile....
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This looks exactly how I would have imagined a board game based on PeeWee's Big Adventure would look like.
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How fun! I love the style this is in. :D
any chance that you will be able to sell anymore of these?
setsu-p's avatar epic. Is it bad I remember seeing this movie in the theater? XDD
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Love that there are very few colors used, and the simplicity of it all! : )
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Fun fact:
Mark Holton [link] The guy who plays Pee Wee's nemesis "Francis" in this movie later goes on to play "B.M. Fahrtz", the "Poop Tube" salesman from the Tim and Eric sketch! [link]
He also played a Bolian on Star Trek DS9.
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i adore this!! best movie ever!
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Man, I love that movie, and this is just a fantastic tribute to that weird-&-wacky film that first gave us the brilliance of Tim Burton's directing, the epic sound of Danny Elfman's score, and...Paul Reubens dancing on top of a bar counter with platform shoes to "Tequila." It also had the best chase scene in a movie EVER- awesome job! =D
"I love comic books and I love anime. It’s kind of like being in a crack house with no money.”- Samuel L. Jackson
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So freakin' awesome. Is it vector?
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Even without Captain Carl, Cowboy Curtis and Miss Yvonne this is awesome.

ps: "I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel."
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actually Phil Hartman was in the movie near the end... so was the actor who played Jambi.
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Paging Mr Herman. Paging Mr Herman.
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i love it. but you really need to make this bigger so we can see all of the fine details...and print it out for our own use.
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Mercy! How much are the prints going to be? One of my favorite movies, and an excellent interpretation.
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Aaah! This is so cute! The gameboard framing the picture was an excellent idea.
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I love it!!!!!!!!!! :heart: x 100000000000
Beautiful colors!
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