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Flight of the Conchords Poster

Who likes to rock the party? I like to rock the party!

I was lucky enough to be asked to design a limited edition screenprint poster for the very awesome Flight of the Conchords. The prints will be sold at tomorrow night's show in Bergen, Norway and after that on their website. Here's the link for anyone interested...

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Hello Montygog ; I'm a student and I would like use your Work to enter in my future school.
I am going explain you :

I have to choose a poster or an addvertise and comment it.
I am verry interrested by your work... that's you i ask you your permission and your help if you agree, and especially if you can.

I Hope you will accept...

(sorry for my bad english 'cause I'm French )
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that's cool)
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Go New Zealanders !
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So cute! I love how simple the designs are, yet so recognizable and funny.
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Awesome! Well done you, congratulations! I've been wanting to talk to them, see if they're interested in producing an official Flight of the Conchords comic/'graphic novel, they're just too awesome.
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i'm attracted to the color palette you used. so hot.
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Love love love :3
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But don't tell them "they're not rappers."
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i was there! and i badly want that poster, its not on the site anymore and i didnt have cash at the show. :(
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I'm glad to know that they had it at the show, would've loved to have been there but i live in the U.S. and Norway's a little far of a drive. :)

I wonder if it sold out and that's why it's not on the site, I never even got a copy for myself.
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its up now! YESSS!
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they are amazing.
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hehe, i enjoy the style :D
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super fantastic!
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That's great, I love the composition and your style =)
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your style+the flight of the conchords=pure awesome :D
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A great poster for a great show by a great artist.
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Wonderful! But that Jemaine just looks like you, Dave.
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