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January 21, 2008
Dungeons n' Dragons by ~Montygog is just one of the pieces I've personally fallen in love with from this amazing gallery. Montygog creates artwork stylish and so charming that will leave a smile on your face!
Featured by aunjuli
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Dungeons n' Dragons

"Fear not...Ranger, Barbarian, Magician, Thief, Cavalier & Acrobat...I am Dugeon Master your guide in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons!"

This was one of my favorite shows growing up & i recently got the DVD set which inspired me to do this piece.
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Racesgirl2000-1's avatar
Is it me or does the designs look a bit 50s-ish?
chaoschamp's avatar
Excellent work! Been playing D&D since '78
QueenAngie777's avatar
So cute&cool !)))
zenkai97's avatar
Creative and fun
and hello I would like to ask if you can look at my profile and at least read a dungeons and dragons fanfic if you can. I just want to see how well I did on the story and if you do I'll somehow put a like or a favorite on your account.

And also I made a dungeons and dragons story of my own if your interested, working on volume 2 too
cybervideo's avatar
Love this. It was one of my favourite shows as well.
GlassSpiider's avatar
Shameless love for this show. Venger is the best part of this piece. Nice work!
ZhaneAugustine's avatar
One of the best eighties shows. Sooo cool, wish they had done a second season though, maybe with other classes.
victorgrafico's avatar
Really cool man!
Redmoon66's avatar
I remember this show it rocks out loud. I hate how they left it at a cliffhanger and never finished it.
FuzzySpider's avatar
i loved this as a kid, so i brought it on dvd.. i think woth todays technology they can do it like the new animated green lantern serious on cartoon network.. in this style would be awesome.. :)
ProjectYukie-S's avatar
I love this show and I got the dvd set recently too
Spriggs877's avatar
TheLugia702's avatar
This must've been standard D&D, because I know cavalier and Acrobat aren't regular classes, and magician is supposed to be Magic-User
Solx93's avatar
I haven't played any other version than 4th ed, but based on how the names of the classes sounds, I think Cavalier would be the same as Warlord now, Acrobat might be Rogue and Magician seems to be the Sorcerer class
TheLugia702's avatar
No. None of these were actual classes. Cavalier would be paladin, acrobat probably wouldn't be anything. Bard, maybe, and magician would definitely be wizard.
Montygog's avatar
This is not based off the role playing game, it's based off the 1980's animated series.
freezekitteh's avatar
wheres the fin tiefling!!!
khan-lovr's avatar
Wow, I adore this one! I'm a huge fan of the D&D cartoon series!
Doust19's avatar
You are now my hero.
borghal's avatar
I like your style.
trickynick1001's avatar
This is outrageously cute.
MangaPaper's avatar
The show is amazing!!! :3
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