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Life is like a hurricane...
Here in Duckburg!
Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes...
It's a duck blur!

You might solve a mystery,
or rewrite history...

Duck Tales! Oooh-oh!

This is my latest official licensed Disney print I did for Acme Archives Dark Ink, they will be debuting it at the D23 Expo which starts this weekend in Anaheim, CA. They will first be available there and then if any are leftover they'll put them up online for sale.

Duck Tales
18"x24" 6-color Screenprint on Frenchpaper Speckletone Kraft 100C
Signed and Numbered Edition of 250

© Disney
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Awesome poster 
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This looks awesome and very professional (of course). You drew and colored wonderfully and even though they all look like they did in the show they're still different enough in style to make this poster distinctly your own. Wonderful artwork. :)

Oh, but I notice you don't seem to have any tags on this upload. Tags are keywords you add in that are relevant to your drawing, but may not appear in the title. So for instance, if someone searched up "Scrooge", "Launchpad", or "Disney" this artwork wouldn't appear - because you didn't put any of those words in the tags. Putting tags on a drawing can make a big difference as to how many people end up viewing your uploads, so I recommend that you amend that.

Additionally I'd just like to point out that this drawing isn't in any groups. Group galleries are often watched by many people, and by submitting your art to a relevant group, you can also increase the number of views you receive.

For some groups you'll need authorization before you can even be enabled to submit a drawing to them, but other groups like the ones I'm going to list don't require that, and you can submit your drawing right away. Some will automatically accept your work, while for other groups there will be a bit of a wait since they want to check and make sure that the drawings submitted actually does fit their group guidelines - especially if they are a group that doesn't accept drawings that display more mature content. But providing that you are sure your drawing abides by the guidelines of a group, you should be able to submit it, get it accepted, and have your drawing displayed in their gallery - so it can be more easily found by those looking for drawings like yours.

To add to a group, just use the (+ Add to a Group) feature, and type in the group you want to submit the drawing to. I would try searching up similar types of drawings and looking at what groups those kind of drawings are in if you are interested in using more groups apart from the ones I have listed below. The more groups your drawing is in, the more people will see it.

Here are some groups that you could likely use to submit this drawing to (that doesn't require membership). Note though that sometimes a group's folders can get full, and you have to wait until they make new empty folders before you submit things.






Also, you can only submit a certain number of works to a group per a day. How many you can submit per day depends on the group. But most groups I know of will let you submit 10 a day. Anyways, this is all just a suggestion, but hopefully some of this was helpful to you.
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Can I have your permission to use this, under fair use, printed on a canvas just to put on my wall at home?
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There was a reboot version of DuckTales on Disney XD in 2017.
KirbyGamer12's avatar
You mean will be a reboot in 2017 on Disney XD.
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 Man... I love that piece of artwork! spaz kermit 
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"DuckTales" was and still is an excellent television series.
ToaDJacara's avatar
Ahhhh sweet memories :)
saber360's avatar
Very nice ;)
Btw, when I first saw Doofus back in the day, I thought he was a girl XD
Vespertine420's avatar
Hahaha Jr. Woodchucks fatty kid, he was always great. Magic, adventure, donalds close family and diving into money, what else could one want from a tv show. Wonderful job :)
1234pig's avatar
love this show!
Crimson-Werecat's avatar
awesome print, but what? no Gizmo duck?
victorroa's avatar
PaperIz's avatar
Oh my goodness I love it! And lucky you! I got the biggest smile on my face when I read "official: :)
Wizard529's avatar
I'm only fifteen but I've grown up on this. (We bought a DVD set when I was little) :)

Duck tales, Awoo-oo
stecdude123's avatar
DUCKTALES!!!! Man bringing back my childhood
Scarletfrost's avatar
Yay! So cool. I don't suppose you'll do a Tail Spin one? That was always my favouirte show.
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