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Adventure Time

By Montygog
UPDATE (4/26/11): To everyone that has pointed out the hair color... Yes, i am aware that Finn has blonde hair, when this piece was done (FOR CARTOON NETWORK) it was not yet revealed the color of Finn's hair. In fact Pen Ward saw the piece and did not say that the hair color was incorrect, so maybe he wasn't aware of Finn's hair color either yet.


A friend of mine is working on the upcoming Adventure Time show for Cartoon Network and asked some folks to contribute to an art tribute thingy. This is mine...

Can't wait for this show to premier in March, it looks totally mathematical!

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake © cartoon network
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Finn looks a lot like silent film heroes of the early 20th century, such as Dudley Do-Good. Ice King needs a mustache for the impression to be complete.
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Naww, this is really cute ❤️
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If Adventure Time was done by UPA!
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This has a rocky and bullwinkle style to it from my prospective. Love it!
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Vintage Cartoon Network! I really like this! :Adventure Time: 2 
i always wondered what this style is called. Still don't know. 
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Fantastic! hair and all
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lol, finn looks so damn smug
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I love the coloring style here. :3 Beautiful~
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oh my god who is your friend!
oh my god who is your friend!
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Love your style!  And the colours are rad!
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This is so great! I love this style. 
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I love it, but Finn is blonde.
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oh i just read the Update, hehe
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This reminds me to old Cartoon Network... and that's a good thing !
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fin dose nit have brown hair !!!!!!!!
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Read the artist's comment, simpleton.  This was made before Adventure Time even aired and CERTAINLY before it was revealed that he had blonde hair.  The creator of the show did not even know what Finn's hair color was. Maybe do some research before you write a comment. Also, learn how to spell, because you look like an idiot.
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