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this artwork is (mostly) NSFW and is for over-18's (ADULTS) ONLY.

This gallery features EROTIC BONDAGE, NUDITY and SADO-MASOCHISM... If you're a grown-up with a kinky side, you are very welcome here.

If you're under 18, or just not into this stuff, PLEASE LEAVE NOW.

You have been warned. If you're still here, it's by your choice; if you find my drawings offensive, triggering, tasteless or boring, or if you don't understand the disclaimer, please go and amuse yourself elsewhere. I offer my creative work here for the enjoyment of those who can appreciate it, not to provoke those who can't.


I draw BDSM artworks in ink on paper, free-hand, and from my own imagination. Everything here is my own original work; I do not upload images by other artists. DON'T STEAL MY WORK or infringe my copyright! Or anyone else's, either. DeviantArt is for artists, writers and photographers to show their own creative work; it's not for images you find on the internet. DeviantArt, in case you didn't know, is an art site for original creative art (including writing and photography, but photography means photos created by you, not photos you found online). For reference: DA's copyright policy


If you like what I do, you could:

Support me: montycrusto patreon

Commission me: montycrusto commissions

Or buy a print! montycrusto prints



1: These artworks and stories are works of fiction presented for entertainment and fantasy purposes; all characters are fictional adults participating in consensual role play.

2: Obviously, I do not condone, encourage or defend real-life violence, exploitation, bullying or cruelty of any kind, against women or anyone else. I shouldn't even have to say that, but it seems there are some appallingly literal-minded people about, who don't know how fantasy works.

3: No resemblance to any real persons, events, institutions or organizations is intended, and none should be inferred.

4: Do not attempt to replicate or re-enact any part of these pictures or stories, that could be extremely dangerous.

5: Do not show these pictures to minors, or to anyone who is likely to find them offensive. If YOU find them offensive, stop looking at them.



This work is made with love, care and passion, and offered freely in the same spirit.  It is hand-drawn in ink, a very time-consuming process requiring a high level of commitment and devotion.  The subject matter may seem dark or even horrific to some, but for me (and others) there is beauty to be found in the contemplation of virtuous suffering, and fascination in imaginatively exploring fictional situations that would be intolerable in real life. The pathways to the sublime are many, and some are strewn with thorns. While I understand it is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, I hope that anyone who has a problem with it will realize that perhaps their own opinion is not the only one that matters.



My drawings are done free-hand on real paper with real ink. you can see the step-by-step process here. Each drawing takes somewhere between 3 hours and 3 days to complete. I know they're far from perfect; I am never totally satisfied with the results. Every line, dot and dash was made by me, by hand. Not everyone can say that. I use pencils, ballpoints, fine liners and brush pens.



Send me a note if you want me to do a commission. I might consider requests (unpaid commissions) from friends... otherwise, virtually no chance. I don't do collabs, art trades or role-playing, and please don't use me as a character in your stories or images. Thank you for favourites and comments; I try to respond to most comments. Special thanks if you're watching me - you are awesome, and your support is much valued.



I like to share my own work; I spend a lot of time and effort on it. I don't put watermarks over the artwork. I want you to enjoy it, for free. This is the highest quality I can do. If you get anything positive out of it, please let me know in a comment, it would mean a lot to me. Aaaand.. that's about it. Thanks for reading.






(fifty points to the first one who notes me with the right answer)


Premium con tent..

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  • My EYES, what's wrong with MY EYES?? oh.. never mind
  • Yay, free money. *rubs hands*
  • The feature I have been waiting for all these years. *drools*
  • So that's what this whole eclipse thing was for? Figures.
  • Brilliant. Turn DA into isolated units with little paywalls. WTF
  • hey I made 2 bucks! But lost all my views, favs, comments and watchers
  • MEH ... *shrugs until shoulders dislocate*
  • I hate these blur-merchants so much I block their invisible asses
  • DA takes HOW much of a percentage?? :shocked:

Hacking Eclipse to get functions back

Hacking Eclipse to get functions back

Hey folks, @Katforce has compiled this multi-tool to help you bring back some of the functions Eclipse has stripped away. I especially like being able to see who’s online once more! Thanks @Katforce !

brilliant stashwriter resurrection

brilliant stashwriter resurrection

Hey folks, if you write things with stash writer (or used to) there's this bloody clever way of doing it despite Eclipse taking away the stashwriter button, I just tried it and it works :D Thank you @Katforce for coming up with this. Also Bonus workaround (also from @Katforce ), if you want to see who's online right now, click: (ignore the Error 404 message and click on the watchers icon.. it still works!)