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just a little somethin something i made a while back

includes stock:
Grungy_Paper_v_7 [link] and Grungy_paper_v_8 [link] by :iconbashcorpo:
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i Foun a breat kiss
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all is full of love
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The texture of the wrinkled paper is a really nice touch, like a valentine that has been crunch up in a wad, then tenderly salvaged and flattened back out. Love so callously discarded by him, is rescued by you, the one who gave it with love. Passion such as this is not easily accepted by some. It shows too much, it reveals too much, especially to one who denies such passions. Fear not, passion cannot be denied for long.
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i like that you see that when u look at the crumpled paper texture
its appropriate!
i did with with out knowing what i was really going for
it works sort of
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I was thinking of you.
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Passionate while still sweet the pink tones definetly helps to shape that emotive response.
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Nice valentine's piece. The pink kind of tones down the passion without watering it down, I think, if that makes any sense.
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image and coloring are great -- the pink is not powering and gives the entire piece a softness that i appreciate.
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I agree with all of what has already been said. Exceptional.
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Very passionate work.
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Not a fan of Pink... BUT... in this case... I really... no REALLY.. do like it... Great emotion and the color, texture and technique highlight it all very well.
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the pink seemed right to me
ive held off on posting this for months becuase i thought it would make more sense around valentines day lol
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it is a "feel good" kind of happy feeling the colors make. i really like the use of the paper and how it looks like a drawing with markers or something.
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wow, I love it!!!!
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Oh how very much I like this! It is a real "feel good".
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