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thank you nette

with thanks to nette :iconbandwench: for sharing her "donor bodies" w me

ive been wanting to do a 1 color vector again (2 color? its one layer of color over the plain background)

plus 2 really nice stock textures Grungy_Paper_v_7 by :iconbashcorpo: and
Paper_Textures_2 by :iconhibbary:
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love the texture and colours ! great one!
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thanks caaaaaaaasey!
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your welcome troooooooy!
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Oooooooooooooh, that's pretty! You really didn't have to do that, I was happy to share my links with you, but THANK YOU so much for the beautiful gift. It's GORGEOUS, and I love the bold background and all the wonderful grungy texture. I am not sure how you made him. Vectors are what you make in Adobe Illustrator? I think you can make them with photoshop, too, but I have no clue how. Doesn't matter. Hee! It's a very visually appealing piece of art, of a very handsome man and THAT is right up my gutter--I mean--alley! Thank you! :heart: I am thrilled!
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yes illustrator does vectors
i use inkscape because im cheep
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