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thanks very much to Jay in SC :iconjayinsc: who let me start with his photo
also has the wonderful stock by :iconaqueous-sun-textures:
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picture-da-picture's avatar
incredible.. really like the color choices and the amazing textures. makes me sad.
malephotographer's avatar
i like the fact that the top of his head seems to be cut off and the design or whatever is coming out of his head... very interesting and nice,
montroytana's avatar
yes it just kinda flows out of him
JayinSC's avatar
Nice work, and a great texture. I particularly like what it does to the background. -J:
montroytana's avatar
thanks jay
im glad u like my destruction of your image
AquartistJames's avatar
Like :thumbsup:
Its a pretty cool image.
rickster155's avatar
WOW...the darkness around the figure is so thick...for lack of a better you'd have to claw your way through and the marks on the if he's been lashed or cut at some point. An astonishing image!
montroytana's avatar
i regularly have to claw my way through my art
rickster155's avatar
that's one of the reasons it's so extraordinary and you are so remarkable!
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