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Kim possible with a braceface book by montrain101 Kim possible with a braceface book by montrain101
Please note  Kim possible you're the copyright of Disney   braceface is the copyright of Nelvana Canada

My first delivery of a graphic novel book based from the Canadian TV show Braceface
One of my favorite shows from Canada the reason why I have Kim possible standing next to it
It is because she is asking why is this the only product base from braceface out there
When braceface was aired from 2001 to 2004  it seems like it wasn't that popular enough to reduce toys and
Other items from the show  I'm like Kim possible which received toys and other items during its time
I dreamed of wanting to even though I'm just an individual in seems like it's impossible to convince
Nelvana Producer to license to me it take that license to the toy company Mattel, Inc the makers of Barbie dolls
To customize a Sharon Spitz action figure  along with a custom commercial packaging with the logo copyrights watching the say way as you would find on the shelf at the store  I'm like a fan fictional toy this would be commercial license one or two for my own personal use purchase with my own money 
In other words  I would become a single customer of a license Nelvana braceface Sharon Spitz  action figure in the world

To add on to my collection and perhaps give a second one to Alicia Silverstone as a gift and peace offering
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September 24, 2015
September 24, 2015
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