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So above...

lil piece done in work.
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This is an amazing piece! - Must have taken you hours to complete such a masterpiece! :)
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I love this style, great work!
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Thanks! glad you liked!
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It's hard to believe there's not more people who have seen this beautiful piece!

Fantastic work, Monteirohq!!!
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Thanks! i really apreciate when people take the time to write me what they think!
love feedbacks!
made my day ^^
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its merely illustrative, like when you see a picture of a big mac, you know thats not how a big mac really is, but sends the message ;)
But thanks for the info, i really didn't knew all that stuff! pretty amazing.
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He is trolling
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yeah, it is a great work. Credit where credit is due.
I agree with you Upatrono.We stand on the shoulders of a very few giants.
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true that.
thanks for passing by my gallery ^^
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This is a great tribute. I bet Galileo would appreciate, because everybody is drawing sexy girls and superheroes but these scientists of the past are the real heroes :)
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Thanks you man,
i don't know if he would appreciate,
but i'd love to hear his toughts... he had Lots of those! =P
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Show! Ta trampando com ilustra, safado? XD
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