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Killer Instinct

Colored version of my old fulgore vs sabrewulf. Too lazy to make any backgrounds... so... they're fighting in a really really dark arena.
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Awesome! This should be the box art for Killer Instinct on the XBOX ONE. My favorite KI fighters is Saberwulf, Riptor, and Spinal.
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o.o La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la Fulgoreee !
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sounds nasty!!!!
i like it!!!
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Nice! Fulgore always looked badass, but my fav KI character is still Riptor Raaawwwrrr! ^,..,^
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Fulgore is my favorite character
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fulgore is way too awesome..
is it me or does fulgore sorta look like the shreddar's(tmnt) and zero's (megaman x) ........good job though but i just always thought that
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never look at them this way... vut they kinda do... hehe
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jesus christ. talk about getting slapped in face with nostolgia. but good joob.
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WAAAA why do they make a KI3 damit i love KI!!!!!!!!!!!
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i heard rare software is pretty broke... but theres always a possibility =D
crossing fingers here too
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I HOPES FOR KI3!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome work! The lighting effects on the characters is well done.

The dark background lets you focus more on the characters anyway. :)

Coincidentally, my favourite character used to be Sabrewulf, and my cousin's favourite character was Fulgore... this pic brings back the memories of countless hours fighting using these guys.

Epic picture.
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thanks man, fulgore and sabrewulf were two of my favourites, my brother used to play with Combo... maybe i'll put him in the next pic
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thanks for the fav ^^
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just f-ing love this game listening to the theme song atm.
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awesome game indeed
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