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Well, now this was a pleasant surprise to come home to. I find my messages suddenly getting flooded like never before and that one of my old films got selected as a Daily Dev! I enjoy making fan stuff, and enjoy the comments I get from fellow fans but it feels so great to see so many comments and views on my original work. I'm not even sure what to say. I feel like I've been in such an artistic rut lately but this really boosts my spirits. Gotta finish up some fan stuff I already started, but after that maybe I'll find more push for something more original; already feel my muse acting up. Thank you all so much for all your kindness! It feels so awesome! /)^ɛ^(\ 
Finally decided to upload my old films from my college days, with vary levels of success. Always pleased with how things turned out in the end and it was always rewarding, but they always fell short of my own expectations. Frankly i feel like i should have collaborated on my thesis, that way I could concentrate more on making some solid animation rather than finding myself cutting corners just to finish on time. Live and learn. I started with 2D animation, moved into 3D animation and then tried to combine the two. I always did love both forms of animation, though i feel 3D animation is stronger for me...
So I got through with my first commission, yay me. Still having some trouble figuring out how to price myself on this kind of stuff; I can be so indecisive about these kinds of things, but hey, after the first I'm willing to take more if anyone wants em'. So send a note and we'll talk.
Well, had this account for a while, i guess it's finally time to stop being lazy and start uploading stuff to the internet.