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Young Justice
Yup, that ending scene of the last episode was one of my favorite parts ^^
Cheshire surprised Roy with a bouncing baby girl and I'm sure he's not the only one who hasn't been told of the news. And if they are gonna go off on adventure together, their gonna need a sitter =p

Artemis, Cheshire and Lian Harper all belong to DC comics

Red Arrow: "I told you we should have left her with your sister"
Me: "DAMN IT!"
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Cool work!;) (Wink) That one YJ season 2 episode when Red Arrow and Cheshire were in Tibet they really should've left Lian with ArtemisGreetings even HE said so himself when they got caughtRoll Eyes 
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ShadowKitty71475|Student General Artist
Aww XD -Dove
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marmarpenn|Student Writer
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AbbyRoth|Hobbyist Artist
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WhaleDoctor|Hobbyist General Artist
I know Artemis. I know.
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Shadow-DJ|Hobbyist Writer
I think Cheshire MAY have given the same reaction if she ever DID leave her with Artemis prior to the whole 'Undercover' thing.
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ElsaSnowflake96142|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol, that would be me, oh here sis thanks for taking care of my kid
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Is it Roy's?Spirit Archer 
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Then why is he not taking care of her?
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Being a hero is a busy full time job that causes him to be away from home for long amounts of time. That and he probably has a real job as well.
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GoKartGirl|Hobbyist General Artist
Why couldn't this have happened?!? Its too perfect xD
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bigbrown56|Hobbyist General Artist
So fantastic!
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ArtisticKamenRider|Hobbyist General Artist
This reminds me of something similar of TFS's DBZ Abridged series. Specifically this scene.
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MissBreadButterfly|Student Traditional Artist
i could see that happening and how wally would react
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OMG, I can so see that happening
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thats good.
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Nightwing: Artemis! What's the-!
Artemis: I swear, my sister left her here with me!
Nightwing: Oh, I understand. Also, I have a mission to take care of, so *hands Mar'i to Artemis* Could you watch over my daughter for me?
Artemis: Wait, what the?! When did YOU-
Nightwing: KTHXBYE! *leaves*
Artemis: *looks down at the precious babies* I...ugh...
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Wally: *walks in* um.. Do i miss something? O-O
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Artemis: I've been contracted/conscripted to look after my vagrant sister's and the wingnut's little bundles of joy.
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