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What would have happened

By MonsturNao
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I dunno if this needs 'Mature Content'? But anyways in Guggi's Comic "Part Of You", the newest update (… )

we see Xion attack Kairi because Kairi was being a immature dumb bi***.

Anyways I think this is what WOULD have happened if Sora hadn't shown up to protect the "Damsel In distress~" other wise known as Kairi, anyways since Xion wields the Keyblade better then Kairi and fights better, and with that extra strength, yeah Kairi would either be dead, or badly injured as shown here, anyways I am not bashing Kairi, I don't hate her completely..Anyways if you want to act dumb and say stuff take it else where =.=

and please no freaking emotional comments, Kairi is a non-existent Character you know..

anyways bai now :iconseriousderpplz:

EDIT 5/2/2015 : It's been two years since I've made this picture, meaning I've matured since then. And when I made this I was about 18, so I was still a teen, but now I'm older and I'm not like this anymore. I mean, I still dislike Kairi but I don't want her beat up or dead. And she is a fictional character so me disliking her wont hurt her feelings because well, she does not exist.. Anyways just pointing that out for any new comments.

CREDITS: :iconkazuki9484:

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I do hope you realize this is two years old, I've matured since then.
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Sorry I hope you are aware that that comment was from January, and not recent, and I didn't even know it existed.
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Sorry, I only seen the 2015 part so that's why I figured it was recent ^^;
but alright. Hope I didn't make you mad or anything, I was just letting you know.
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I don't even see what's so wrong. Kairi doesn't look dead or anything - just bruised and beaten. xD
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True, but this was my fangirl days so that's why I made this.
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It'd actually be pretty funny to see this happen to Kairi at some point. :D
(What are your thoughts on Kairi now?)
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I guess? lol

Eh, I still dislike her tbh. But my best friend loves her so I
make Kairi pics sometimes in MMD for her. 
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Cool! I mean, I don't hate Kairi, but she's not exactly my favorite.


Sorry if I'm the one sounding mean now, but I just hate it when people gang up on someone else (especially if it's a friend like in this case). Not trying to hurt feelings, just trying to protect them.
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Kairi > Xion in terms of character for me, but Xion > Kairi in terms of combat with a Keyblade.
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Hm, yeah. :shrug: Now, I don't really care. XD
I mean, I still prefer Xion over her - I'd have to, really, or my username wouldn't make that much sense XD - but I don't really care now. Like I said two years ago (really? Wow), I don't hate her. Now, I don't even dislike her. She's just not my favorite, which isn't really saying much.

But yeah, I do agree with the combat thing. Xion worked really hard to be good at it, though. So it's fair.

Man, I can't believe it's been two years. I really hope I'm not as brash as I apparently was. XD
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I like Kairi, Namine, and Xion just fine for different reasons. They all have their own strong points that you gotta love. :D

Xion worked her butt off to get so strong, and yeah, she'd kick Kairi's butt. Easily. XD
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Yeah, I completely agree. :)

Exactly. :D
But maybe they could improve each other if they ever got a canon friendship. Like, Kairi could spar with Xion and then teach her what she knows about the islands and whatnot.
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That would be so nice! :D But Kairi won't ever be on Xion's level. I'm afraid. ;p
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Not really I was just playing around with Photoshop uvu

besides if you read the Comic you'd understand more why I did it.
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Why? I was just playing around with Photoshop ^^;...

Besides she deserves it for telling Xion
"It's simple...Who would choose a copy over the original?"

besides you faved it :XD:
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