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Crazy, wacky, spooky creatures from every corner of the imagination!

Artists of all skill levels welcome! ^w^


BASIC RULES: (hit the "more" button to see all of them)

- Original characters/creatures only!
They don't necessarily have to be OC's you created yourself. You can submit your rendition of other artist's OC's as well. Just no fanart from established franchises.
Characters must also be non-human in some way.

- Be nice to everyone in the group! Bullying and bigotry will not be tolerated here.

- Please submit to the correct folders.
If you're unsure which folder a drawing might fit into, you can use the "no clear type" folder as a general default.

- OC's based on an existing fandom's universe are fine, just not a specific licensed character or species from that universe. For example; you can submit an original Pokemon species (known as "Fakemon), but not an official Pokemon species you didn't create, like Charizard or Pikachu.

- Please refrain from resubmitting the same pieces over and over again if less a week has passed. I have a chronic illness, and don't always have the energy to check in every day. Repeatedly resubmitting duplicates creates a huge mess in the submission queue. If your submissions expire "naturally", then it's fine to resubmit the same pieces.

- Tasteful nudity is fine, but no sexually explicit or fetish-related art.
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Gallery Folders

Yawn by dsad2
Mycelia by pyro-helfier
The Lightbringer by BananaScholar
Blue All- Around by AshesDrawn
No Clear Type + Mixed Types + Other
Monsters by cosmichael
Tiefling Druid by ElizavetaS
Furryform sketch redraw by Vexedcat216 by Vexedcat216
Abstract + Dream-based + Surreal
Canine ADOPT#2 [OPEN] by CoffeeWithSun
STAR CAT ADOPT#1 [OPEN] by CoffeeWithSun
[CLOSED] ADOPT AUCTION #51 by ilizumi
Civil war by PalmerEldritch135
Aliens + Mutants + Parasites
[OPEN] Splitting at the Seams by Rufinator
Idisian muse by BananaScholar
Absolute baby by Snaildoki
The Thing Preliminary Sketch by JamesJLaingDevArt
Amorphous Entities + Cosmic Horrors
Defeatist by Mimikyu27
(Closed) Adopt Auction Judges of Celestial Bodies by devilmon20
COMMISSION #78 by EinysDesign
Soursage manifestation by BananaScholar
Amphibious + Aquatic + Water-based
Into the Deep by CreatureArtistNmore
adopt 16 [closed] by Hinecko-Rin
A million shilling grin by Gloryrain
ADOPT (CLOSE) Ancient creature by Quinnmanellen
Androids + Cyborgs + Robots
MATRIARCH by TheRecruta
Adoptable Auction #47 .[OPEN] SB 60$ by Stacy-White
12022 Day 261 by TheArmienn
Adopt 331 : Baby Pteranodon II| OPEN (1/4) by I5HIMARU
Angels + Deities + Demons + Yokai
Ghazad, Soul of the Void (Character Remake) by AeoN-OxidE
Drilmarox by IVISEK
Vovina Monster by AspidArt
ADOPT (CLOSE) by Quinnmanellen
Arachnids + Crustaceans + Insects + Worms
Butterfly Dune Fairy by Kevin-Cadence
Shell Sentry Bonus Pixel Version by TheClawTheySay
Siege Spider by JerryBoucher
Disfigured Seamstress  by Davesrightmind
Avian + Bird-based
Blue Hen [OPEN] by Morovoi
ADOPT (CLOSE) Cyber wolf by Quinnmanellen
[CLOSED] Adoptable Auction | Wings of Aether by lBlackie-Maidenl
This is what showed up once the photos developed. by Spinopsys
Bats + Rabbits + Rodents
harengon rabbit-folk warrior by Wenart
Canines + Hellhounds + Werewolves
Fallen from the sky YCH animation [UNLIMITED] by x-GrayLynx-x
Cervine + Equine + Ungulate-based

Mature Content

Adopt centaur 2 [CLOSED] by ArtGanya
Comics + Reference Sheets
The Next Reaper | Chapter 9. Page 292 by DeusJet
Your Worst Nightmare #DAHorrorChallenge by CartoonArtworks
Crafts + Jewelry + Sculptures
Little Spook, the Unicorn by HowManyDragons
Creepypasta OC's + SCP Monsters
Smile.Tutorial by serialzero
Dinosaurs + Nagas + Reptiles
Once more, you open the door. by Spinopsys
Dolls + Golems + Puppets + Scarecrows
Mannequin by Scribblepin
Child of the Universe by DashaSalty
Dwarves + Elves + Fairies + Gnomes
Traitor _ no background _ by ChrisNazgul
[CLOSED] ADOPT AUCTION #54 by ilizumi
Ghosts + Shadows + Spirits
Ghastly Gaze by LavenderCorpses
Ghouls + Mummies + Skeletons + Zombies
Behind The Mask Of The Killer by D4RI4ELECTR4
Goblins + Ogres + Orcs + Trolls
Orc by ChrisNazgul
Plant-based + Fungus-based
Amanitax the Shambling Corrupter by EleMont
Vampires + Witches
ADOPT (OPEN) Dark Witch by Quinnmanellen
Just letting everyone know I'll be going to New Jersey for a Supernatural convention this weekend. I'll be gone from the 21st through the 25th, and I won't be taking my laptop with me, so submission approvals will likely be delayed. I'll try to check in with my phone while I'm there if I have the time/energy, but I can't make any definitive promises.
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend themselves, and thanks in advance for your patience/understanding! ^w^
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Pandora-Secret-Box Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for wanting my art hereHug :happybounce: 
serialzero Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! :)
WingedAyalis Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2022
Hello ! First, thank you for the several requests to add my work to your gallery :D 
Secondly, I'm already part of this group on my second account and I have to say it's probably my #1 favorite group because of how detailed and precise the categories are, I'm always sure to find great inspiration here :D 
I guess I have to join with this account too, and submit a bunch of art while I'm at it =P (Razz) 

Thank you serialzero for moderating such a nice group ! :hug: 
serialzero Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for the delay!
That's super nice of you to say. Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)
Glad you're enjoying the group! I feel very proud that SmilingFeline entrusted the place to me when they left DA.
The folder details are mostly due to my insane OCD-esque need to organize the crap out of everything. lol
WingedAyalis Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2022
Well I guess I have a bit of OCD too haha
Keep up the good work you're doing with this group ! :hug:
serialzero Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Will do! :)
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Thanks for including my work :)
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Thanks for adding my little creature to your group :)

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