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This is a redesign I did of Raphael of the ninja turtles. I wanted to make him look more like something that crawled out of the sewer.
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I like this version a lot
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This reminds me of Michael Zulli's run on the black and white comic. :D
Love how his sais are really just pitchforks with the handles broken off.
His sai look like pitchforks!!!!  I think your Raphael is AWESOME!  And even though he is my favorite turtle and even though I really wish he was a really alive and a breathing entity in our world, I would STILL RUN SCREAMING FROM HIM were he to materialize in front of me in some alley!  I mean, they are mutants and turtles - how "beautiful" would any of them be were they to actually exist? 

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Very interesting styles. :D
Those are not really sai in his hands, are they - more like pitchforks!  Wow!  He is terrifying!  I would run first and ask questions later...
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i generally dont care for ninja turtles, but this is epic as F2222222222222222222222222222222222222222CK
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Very nice work!
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Woah, I guess sais weren't big enough he decided on pitchforks.
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To be this is what he might look like when he is no longer a Teenager.
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hey i can dig it
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this is more cooler version of Raphael then in the new movie!
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Nice I love on how u did the mask there!
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Amazing. really like the bandada/mask placement
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Love this variation.
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Wow. Scary stuff! Raph is supposed to be cool not so scary... Are those pitchforks he got!?
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Best more favorable redesign of Raph. Others I've seen are either too scary, too weird and not enough 50/50 balance of a creature being man and turtle (too much chin, not enough beak, no tiled skin or too much terrapin features and not enough man features).

How you did the design is right (the 50/50 balance and that's rare). This is how they should really look in the new movie (and in general).
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Very cool!

One thing... weren't his weapons supposed to be sai?  I don't know if you intended for this, but they look kind of like large forks rather than sai...

I love those rubber tire knee pads... so boss, so genius, so original!  Wouldn't want to run into this guy in a sewer!
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Pretty sure the broken pitch forks are supposed to be makeshift sais.
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I don't know whether he intended for that or what.  If they were supposed to be pitchforks that he used like sai, then I could understand that.
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Very aggressive looking.  I love it!  He looks like his dad might have been The Lizard.  Awesome stuff.
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