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digitigrade stilts

completed stilts without the foam/fur/claws added.
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Jul 22, 2007, 4:26:39 PM
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SilverBow666's avatar
These are awesome! were they somewhat comfortable to walk in?
MonstrositiesNZ's avatar
thanks! yeah they're not too bad - you learn pretty fast to walk on your toes/balls of your feet while wearing these
Capras-Kisser's avatar
I've always wondered how people do that.
turbatus-somnium's avatar
P.S. They look great - how do they feel?
MonstrositiesNZ's avatar
they give you sore toes after a while - I've designed a new pair since these which are more comfy. My flatmate is designing me some metal ones at the moment to cut down on the extra bulkiness
turbatus-somnium's avatar
Be sure to post pics on both! I'm very interested to see follow-ups and future designs
turbatus-somnium's avatar
I've been really looking into the technical aspect of digitigrade stilt designs. About how much taller did this design make you? (Flat foot vs standing straight up on stilts) Any idea?
MonstrositiesNZ's avatar
I think they made me about a head taller, although I prefer to slouch slightly when I'm wearing them to accentuate the backwards heel
secretgecko's avatar
thats cool bro !
Blue-Lupus's avatar
Very interesting. Might be useful when crafting a werewolf LARP costume for next Summer :)
MonstrositiesNZ's avatar
thanks! werewolf LARP? hmm that would be fun - do you just run around freaking people out/eating them in costume? :)
Blue-Lupus's avatar
Not really pure werewolf LARP, it's a fantasy LARP, but elves were kicking our asses with a tamed werebear and I'm seriously thinking of a werewolf career to frag some shiny paladins out there. ;D
MonstrositiesNZ's avatar
haha awesome! Get some other werewolves and form a pack, and pwn those paladins! (Then come to NZ, and I'll join in!) Might try making a Lovecraftion monster costume next, maybe a Deep-One style one using some shark jaws that someone gave me. Or else a Cthulhu, but I'm not sure if he has teeth....
VagueMonkey's avatar
Well the suckers on squid (and maybe octopus) tentacles each have their own little ring of teeth sooo....
Switzel's avatar
Hey I recognise those legs!
it's really necessary to attach the stilts to the leg?
Im working in Ganon cosplay and i need some advices of how to do the hooves and feet.
MonstrositiesNZ's avatar
i found that the stilts would do weird things if I didn't attach them higher up the leg. Haven't tried doing hooves yet, but would really love to - I've seen some awesome examples of some here on DA, and tutorials around on Youtube. My feet are pretty much trial-and-error
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