War Stories

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The streets are wide with swagger;
Raucous laughter is the fanfare
Of the soldiers of hedonism.

This perfumed infantry patrols the bars,
Watched by bouncers in doorways,
Former servicemen with guarded salutes.

Johnny’s dropping j-bombs;
Richie’s sinking the navy rum;
Stevo isn’t missing a shot.
The boys are out for blood tonight:
But real heroes befriend before fight.

Waging war with their wages,
Counting casualties in empty bottles,
Earning war stories under neon skies.

Blue collars and white collars
But not a dog-tag to be seen
For the bawdy heroes of Friday night.

Bobby ditched his bird at The Tap;
Gav glassed a geezer at the Geese;
Davey used a sink as a dunny.
The lads want trouble and won’t be denied
But real heroes aren’t born of pride.
A poem from my upcoming book Drunk With A Pen, which comprises 13.5 poems about drink and drinking.

Art by Pipsissiwa (aka The Yarn Mouse - check out her amigurumi!).

Buy the printed book now from Etsy!

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Yes. Yep. I've watched these battles in real time. Well done! 
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monstrooooProfessional Writer
Thanks :love: