The Untested Arrogance of Marlon Rando

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Today I happened upon another dreamer,
One more misunderstood genius
Who just needs his one chance to make it.
Won't you give him that one chance, sir?

The dreamer promises everything:    
Eponymous beauty from artist with no name;
Manifesto unshackled by establishment;
Shining vision untempered by frame.

The untested arrogance of Marlon Rando
Declares itself in barely-literate prose
Or elaborate, hollow pomposity
And demands the world be still a moment:

And listen,
Just listen,
Please listen,

Pity the dreamer who is unable to awaken;
The cherub floating upon the wrong cloud:
For sometimes destiny takes a wrong turn,
Sometimes dreams don't come true.

Perhaps I envy the dreamer,
For the road they have yet to walk.
Perhaps I fear the dreamer,
For their road may run further than mine.

Perhaps the dreamer is a mirror:
And I in fact see my younger self
Shouting out into an endless void
Hoping only to be heard beyond the dream.
Poetry is addictive. I am working on a poetry collection (deets to be announced this year, I hope) and this just sort of fell out accidentally.
© 2016 - 2020 monstroooo
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laurotica Writer
Those first two lines drew me right in :)
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monstrooooProfessional Writer
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SleyfHobbyist General Artist
I think a lot of people could possibly relate to this if they read it, don't we all just want the world to be still a moment and stop and listen?

(you have a tiny typo "For their road my run further than mine." - I think you mean 'may'?)
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monstrooooProfessional Writer
Ah Sleyfy you're the bestest :love: Typo fixed!
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SleyfHobbyist General Artist