Sake Bastard

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Haikus come easy
When drinking sweet, sweet sake
All bloody afternoon.
A short, silly haiku.

I recently released a book called Drunk With A Pen, which contains 13.5 poems about drink and drinking. This is a sort of companion piece, or a b-side: it's related to, but not actually part of, that collection. It might end up in the next book, who knows?

You can buy the book from Etsy (it costs £3 plus shipping, and £1 goes to charity). See my gallery for more samples.

For news and updates about the project, point your thumbs at facebook.com/drunkwithapen.

(By the way, "sarcy" is English slang for "sarcastic". And yes, the last line is a syllable too long.)

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Does alcohol help?
But I can't drink.
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monstrooooProfessional Writer
Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hinders. It is, at best, a temporary remedy.
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Good thing you know
otherwise tis true
that some misfortune may fall