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In the Skies, Red Dragon {Contest Entry}

Y Ddraig Goch

My submission for a contest hosted by BabanIllustration, in which the theme is drawing an interpretation of the Welsh dragon.
Kept the background less detailed since I wanted to put more time into rendering the dragon itself.
He's a scrappy little dude that's smaller than some other dragons, but he makes up for it with persistence. I've seen plenty of very large, bulky dragon builds so I wanted to do something a bit different, also bending a few anatomy rules since I's a dragon. And he breathes fire out the sides when he wants to make himself look big and scary! Yes, the eyes are two different colors, like a weird cat.

I covered up the face a bit with the fire so here's what his spikes look like:

Updated to add the lovely source I referenced for the background: Photography by Tomasz Janicki
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Bro this looks incredible!! I really love your use of texture and shading!! That fire effect is really cool. Good luck!

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thank you!! this was the longest I've spent rendering something with scales, it was kinda relaxing.

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lol this is wonderful!

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This is gorgeous! :D