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Chapter 1 Saying Good Bye

Hey Mom I just wanted to say, Thank You for helping me go to Monsters University.... Dad Thank You for Leading me to the right path. Dean.. oh my little bro, Good luck being an intern at PlayStation. Justin...Good luck New Sports Therapist..". *Hugs Family for a while and runs to the bus stop* "Bye Love Yall.." " *Talks in my head*Man gotta hurry up" *5 Minutes Later* "Right On Time."

Chapter 2 New Life

"mmmn neither mind i'll run anyway the bus drops off people and I don't have time for that." *25 MINUTES LATER* "MAN that was Long... at least I'm here." *Walks around the campus* "Wow cool.... wheres the registration pla..." "Hey There name is Jay and registration is that way." "Thanks Jay see ya later..."... "Here's your badge... Have a nice day."

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I cannot post the comic, because

1.Can't take a picture of it with my Playstation Vita

2. I don't have a phone or comuter (well I do but it's my dads and I'm not able to use it)or a camer.

Sorry. I'll have to make something Like a book. Maybe have the book on the journal Yes? tell me what you want or think
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is almost Done... and I'm excited for yall to see it... Beware Some of (or all of) it is not good. But IDC (I don't Care...not sure if thats a thing).
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I was inspired by Nekophy. And it would be interesting... maybe. Still i'll try to make them daily... neither mind i'll post it when i ant to.
1. if you want me to draw something for you go look at 2.

2. you want by hand or by color? like my incon

:) ok thats all folks
im only drawing stuff with pnk