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The Paint Shooter

She's an alley artist  in a city in the year 2080. Expresses her artistic idea on the walls . Equipped with a pair of jet boots that shoot out spray paints, paint bombs, and spray paint handgun. Her masterpiece was inspired by the cyber punk style city and graffiti art.
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I love the concept of a graffiti painter, wild and creative, just like an artist must be. Very very nice work partner! Pinkie Pie #2

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Thank you for your comment!

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omg so beautiful! *:・゚✧



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fantastic work

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omg id love to see an animated film of her in action, looks like it would be so much fun

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Thank you!! Your comment made my day.

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Congratulations! Yours is one of my favorites out of the rising stars winners!

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you won, You Won, YOU WON! Hard work always pays off, massive congratulations!!

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Thank you!! Still can't believe that I won😳

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Love the style and colors

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