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Pokemon Trainer Adopt: Rock: OPEN by MonsterMomma Pokemon Trainer Adopt: Rock: OPEN :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 5 1 Misfit by MonsterMomma Misfit :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 10 6 Queen Delmira by MonsterMomma Queen Delmira :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 9 3 Flitterdash by MonsterMomma Flitterdash :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 9 2 Mumbo's Head by MonsterMomma Mumbo's Head :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 8 0 Chibi Ellie by MonsterMomma Chibi Ellie :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 7 3 Chibi Echo and Cherry by MonsterMomma Chibi Echo and Cherry :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 6 3 Chibi Strawberry Cake by MonsterMomma Chibi Strawberry Cake :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 11 3 Chibi Daisy Dream by MonsterMomma Chibi Daisy Dream :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 6 2 Wing Front by MonsterMomma Wing Front :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 6 1 Chibi Sitting YCH: OPEN by MonsterMomma Chibi Sitting YCH: OPEN :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 13 26 Collab: Comfort by MonsterMomma Collab: Comfort :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 8 1 Piper: Base Edit by MonsterMomma Piper: Base Edit :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 8 7 Chibi Rosie Rachel by MonsterMomma Chibi Rosie Rachel :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 6 4 Flame by MonsterMomma Flame :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 13 3 Blue Lagoon Draconequus by MonsterMomma Blue Lagoon Draconequus :iconmonstermomma:MonsterMomma 9 4


Mawile retypes by Latonay Mawile retypes :iconlatonay:Latonay 2 2 Side face Rarity by Dualtry Side face Rarity :icondualtry:Dualtry 23 2
Base Edit, Customs and Writing Commissions (Open!)
I've got my eye on a couple adopts, but I don't think my bank account is going to get itself together fast enough to transfer cash to my PayPal, so!
Commissions. I'll do writing and base edits, because those are simple enough for me.
Before I begin if you'd be willing to promo this journal for me in a status message or journal of your own I'll leave a link to you profile on my donations widget from now until January first, and possibly longer since I'm so prone to forgetting things. Thanks for considering!
Base Edits
I'll do both My Little Pony and Humanoid edits.
I will only use bases by SelenaEde for these. Selena's bases are of good quality, and they're referenced, not traced. Feel free to pick the base you'd like to have used! If you don't pick one, I'll pick one myself.
Prices will depend on the number of characters and the complexity of their designs, as well as if I have to make major edits to the base. 
Prices wi
:iconhollowolfpup:Hollowolfpup 1 6
Help by SpaazleDazzle Help :iconspaazledazzle:SpaazleDazzle 6 0 Zam by Zebra-cakess Zam :iconzebra-cakess:Zebra-cakess 94 1 Open MLP YCH by SpaazleDazzle Open MLP YCH :iconspaazledazzle:SpaazleDazzle 9 13 PET CHEETAH by piggypen PET CHEETAH :iconpiggypen:piggypen 22 5
25 Point Chibis - Open [On Hold]
I'll be taking 8 Chibi commissions since I really need some points right now-
I can draw, humanoids, MLP and some anthros
They will look something like this and will be finished within 48 hours of placing the order-
If I've taken longer than 48 hours and your progress bar is notably moved feel free to message me and I'll gladly provide a wip!

1. FlintNixProgress Bar Rainbow Star 4/4 
2. Distressed-PigeonProgress Bar Rainbow Star 4/4 
3. BloodOfTheDog  Progress Bar Rainbow Star 1/4 
4. staralliesProgress Bar Rainbow Star 4/4 
5. SapphireTheWolfDemon :Progress Bar Rainbow Star 4/4
6. swirlystar22Progress Bar Rainbow Star 4/4 
7. MonsterMommaProgress Bar Rainbow Star 4/4 
8. StormyLove2002
:iconpompadahl:Pompadahl 4 58
Commission: Ella by Muggyy Commission: Ella :iconmuggyy:Muggyy 78 17 Happy by EonShinato Happy :iconeonshinato:EonShinato 17 5 Adoptable [CLOSED] by Daydreamprince Adoptable [CLOSED] :icondaydreamprince:Daydreamprince 12 8 Fanfoal Adoptables Auction 3/3 OPEN by LavenderDeer Fanfoal Adoptables Auction 3/3 OPEN :iconlavenderdeer:LavenderDeer 14 10 Sweet Pea - ref by KingShovelmaniac Sweet Pea - ref :iconkingshovelmaniac:KingShovelmaniac 26 0 Pose practice, anatomy practice by Cakeferdays
Mature content
Pose practice, anatomy practice :iconcakeferdays:Cakeferdays 7 7
mlp plushie commission OC MELODY completed by CINNAMON-STITCH mlp plushie commission OC MELODY completed :iconcinnamon-stitch:CINNAMON-STITCH 70 6


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Taylor Dobson
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Profile picture by Wryvens on Instagram!
Icon by JetjetJ
:star:Taylor|She/Her|18|United States:star:
Chibi for MonsterMomma by Forteycat

My name is Taylor, (feel free to call me that) I'm a 18 year old, female, American artist! Any comments or criticism on my art is more than appreciated!

Please never feel afraid to approach me! I'll always be here if you ever need advice or anyone to chat with!

No need to thank me for the llama/favorite/watch, though it's all right if you don't see this! I'll always respond to any comments I get!

Anyone who watches me, likes/comments on any of my work, or gifts me a llama will get a llama in return! I'll also be checking out your art and potentially watching you!

:star::star::star:PROUD MEMBER OF:star::star::star:
(Bear with me y'all, I'm going to be revamping all of my commission information!)

This is not mandatory to read technically if you commission me but you like... probably should? LOL

Here are things to keep in mind when commissioning me!

- I have the right to refuse any commission yada yada... (I've never refused a commission before so dont worry lol)

- I will not start your commission until you send the payment, I promise I would never rip you off, please dont be afraid! If you need a different payment plan dont be afraid to tell me!

- Your commission should not take more than a week to complete, unless I start taking really complex commission orders, which I don't right now. If it has been a week and your commission is not done, it will take priority over all other art pieces! (If there is a life emergency or anything else that could be impeding your commission process I will be sure to let you know!)

- I always keep track of every commission I have, and update the progress every time I close my art program! Sometimes I forget, but its very rarely, you can find the progress of your commission right here! (This is also posted on my front page and ANY commissions journal I make)

- I will post other things like other commissions, personal art, etc. while working on your commission as well, please dont be deterred by this, I promise I would never forget about your commission, I work on all of them consistently!

- If you order a commission from me and are unhappy with the final product, please tell me! I am more than happy to make adjustments for you. 

- If you order a custom from me and are unhappy with the final product I am totally willing to do a refund, but be aware you will no longer have rights to the character and I will sell them to someone else!

I'll update this if I think of anything else! Please do not be afraid to ask questions!


Pokemon Trainer Adopt: Rock: OPEN
Here's my first pokemon trainer adopt!! I really really love this girl, I hope she goes to an amazing home, I'm super tempted to keep her ahhh!

This character information is totally optional, once you adopt you can change any of this info!


Name: Diamond (Another suggested name would be Destiny)
Age: 18
Pokemon Team:
Bastiodon- Level ???- Male
Diamond has loved pokemon ever since she was a young girl. Her father was a huge advocate for pokemon rights and detested the use of pokeballs, he traveled around the world teaching people everywhere to respect the pokemon in their life. Diamond never saw her father much due to his travels, but once every year he would come home to visit her and her mother, bringing gifts and spending quality time with them.

As Diamond's father grew older he began to get very sick. He died one day without warning on one of his trips and never got to say goodbye to his family. The only thing he left behind was a tiny baby Shieldon, hand delivered to the family weeks later. The Shieldon came with a note from her father, making it clear that he intended the pokemon to be for Diamond. 

As Diamond grew older with her Sheildon she knew she wanted to travel as her father did, but was terrified of leaving her mother alone; afraid of not being there for her when she needed it. Her mother convinced her to see the world, insisting that she would be fine, and promising that she would always write or call if things got bad. 

Today Diamond travels across her region fostering abandoned pokemon until they find their forever homes, to this day she refuses to use pokeballs, insisting that trust is the best way to ensure a pokemon stays by your side. Her Shieldon (Now a Bastiodon) travels with her everywhere she goes.

Price: 100:points: (Sorry, I really love this gal!)

For 130:points: You will get the character and I will draw you a separate picture of her and her Shieldon together as children!


Pokemon belongs to Nintendo!
Sorry to everyone who didnt follow me for ponies and arent enjoying the pony spam, drawing them is the only way I make points right now (and its kind of addicting tbh) but Im really looking to draw humans/animals/pokemon/etc to broaden my commission options, thanks to everyone whos stuck with me!
Here's a quick art trade with the lovely SereneDarkPack!! I really wanted to do some pixel art so she was kind enough to do an art trade with me and I got to draw this gorgeous gal! I suggested the name "Misfit" for her, I'm not sure if thats what serene will roll with but i can always change the deviation title afterwards cx

Character belongs to SereneDarkPack!

MLP belongs to Hasbro!

This pony is part of a species belonging to CookieDoArt!


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