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Pokemon Style Free Monster MMORPG World Map



This is the image of MonsterMMORPG game maps composition. This image is containing all of the maps of MonsterMMORPG and also showing caves exits and ship routes. You must download full size for understanding map changing points. If you want to find your way this map is the key of success. For this please download this map full size by clicking here


  • Game Link :

  • MonsterMMORPG is a game for Pokemon Online Games lovers.

  • MonsterMMORPG is a free to play browser based Pokemon style online game.

  • MonsterMMORPG includes catching, training, battling, trading, buying, selling & transforming Monsters. (Naming your Monsters will come soon.)

  • MonsterMMORPG has fully working Individual Values (IV-UV) and Training Points (EV-TP) system which makes every Monster unique and customizable.

  • MonsterMMORPG has 100 different natures which is improved version of Pokemon and provides more features and customization.

  • Playing MonsterMMORPG only requires a decent browser (Firefox latest or Google chrome latest suggested) and you can play from anywhere anytime for free forever.

  • MonsterMMORPG has fully working Live battle (PVP) system. So you can do battles with your friends real time and have fun.

  • MonsterMMORPG Monster moves are fully working with their extra effects. Like poisoning target or burning target or fly move which requires 2 turns to complete.<li>

    <li>MonsterMMORPG has an integrated chat system which lets you have chat while playing the game.

  • You can see the MonsterMMORPG 83 quality maps with their features from this url :

  • You can see the MonsterMMORPG 659 awesome monsters from our MonsterDex :

  • MonsterMMORPG is accepting any kind of contributions. You can see our credits from this page (located at main page bottom) : MonsterMMORPG Credits

  • If you want to join our team and help us with your artistic drawings you are always welcome.

  • You can help us basically with any kind of drawings. New Monsters (generally fakemons), trainer sprites, overworld sprites, buttons, banners simply everything is greatly accepted.

  • Check out our register page and even it will give you idea about our game :

  • You can watch MonsterMMORPG gameplay videos from this url :

  • This is MonsterMMORPG's official Facebook page :

  • MonsterMMORPG's official YouTube page :

  • Click here to watch our game tutorial, gameplay videos : MonsterMMORPG Game Videos Playlist On YouTube

  • If you want to show the world how talented you are and you like drawing please contact me :) This game is basically being built by talented artists. Though I am the only coder of the game I can't draw. So all the images are being done by you talented artists.

About Me: I am a computer engineer and right now i am studying Master Degree in computer engineering.

Note: Any of MonsterMMORPG image cannot be used without explicit permission. We might have used your public tiles in our maps and if we have forgotten your name on the credits list just send me private message. Thank you.
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