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Fake Pokemon Game Monster Huskiron MMO RPG by MonsterMMORPG Fake Pokemon Game Monster Huskiron MMO RPG by MonsterMMORPG
🐲 Monster MMORPG is a free to play, browser based, no download or plugin required, online multiplayer role playing game which is similar to Pokémon MMO RPG games

🎯 Notice this thread is viewed best at Mozilla Firefox browser with nice emoji icons and game is played best on Google Chrome browser

💖 If you can draw such Pokemon / Fakemon / Monster and you are willing to help MonsterMMORPG development voluntarily and get your place in our reputable credits list, please contact me
💖 Your existing drawings can also be used. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

🐠 The sister game of Monster MMORPG, a true Pokemon MMO RPG Game, totally free to play not even donation, original Pokémon characters, check it out too Pokemon Pets

✅ Monster Huskiron / Fake Pokemon / Fakemon / Fake Pokémon

✅ ID: 1553

✅ This Monster concept artist is: :iconp00chyena:

✅ This Monster drawing artist is: :iconp00chyena:

🐌 MonsterDex page of this Monster: ♐…

✅ At Monster Dex page you can see bigger size of this Monster and it’s all stats, statistics, type chart, transformation chart, etc...

🎆 MonsterMMORPG credits page:

🐙 MonsterMMORPG game has more than 500 awesome, big size game maps: ♐…

🐉 More than 1800 unique Monsters: ♐…

🐋 Not to say much register the game and try yourself: ♐

✅ Now time to list useful links of the MonsterMMORPG indie browser game

🐸 Game forum: ♐

🐵 How to play the game: ♐…

🐢 Game videos: ♐

🎣 Gameplay screenshots: ♐…

🏆 MonsterMMORPG on the…

⚽ Super awesome HD game wallpapers: ♐…

🎱 Game banners: ♐

🌲 Game play avatars: ♐

🐦 Pokemon style stat calculator tool: ♐…

🐏 All monsters as big thumbnails: ♐

🌺 Monster MMORPG nature list: ♐

🌿 MonsterMMORPG abilities list: ♐…

🌾 Monster type chart like Pokémon: ♐…

⛄ Game login page: ♐

🌋 Game zones: ♐

🚲 Official Facebook page 178K+ Likes: ♐

🏮 Monster MMORPG as Facebook game app 100K+ monthly players: ♐…

🚙 MonsterMMORPG on deviantart: ♐

🔻 Monster MMORPG official Twitter: ♐

💒 MonsterMMORPG official Google Plus: ♐…

🍠 Monster MMORPG official Youtube: ♐…

🍎 MonsterMMORPG official LinkedIn: ♐…
K-knuckles Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student Artist
Ooo~ I like this one. :3 
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November 22, 2014
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