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Here to make an announcement~ All my fakemon designs will be featured in @MonsterMMORPG! I've recently been contacted by them and approved the inclusion of all my fakemon from Sajam in their game. Can't wait to see them in action!
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My Bio

Hello everybody. I am the owner and developer of a free-to-play, browser-based, Pokémon-esque Monster MMORPG : (All trademarks belong to MonsterMMORPG and respective artists)

My name is Furkan and I am from Turkey.

I am a PhD computer engineer. You can see my linkedin profile here :

So what is Monster MMORPG ?

Like Pokemon, Monster MMORPG lets you collect, train and battle with Monsters. But better than Pokemon, it is an Online RPG game, with people cooperating and challenging each other all around the world!

Monster MMORPG is free - you play the game online, in your browser, with no plugins or other download required. To start your browser-based RPG and get to capturing, transforming, and battling with your Monsters, all you need to do is register! Fully supports mobile device (touch devices) playing as well.

Some of our core features are fully working live PVP battles, NPC trainers, Arenas, Individual values, Training Points, 2,000+ Monsters, 520 game maps, very fluent gameplay, extreme cheat prevention system, market system that supports buy, sell, trade, game integrated chat system, working private message system... Please check below for all of the features!

If you are familiar with Pokémon style games, you will have no problem getting started in Monster MMORPG.

Useful links!

Home Page :

Register Page:

MonsterDex (Like Pokedex) 2400+ Monsters:

Game Maps Main Page - 19 Zones:

Game Maps Search Page - 520 Maps:

Gameplay Screenshots:

Gameplay Videos:

Game Profile Avatars:

Game Banners:


Subscribe Our Official Youtube Channel:

Here our discord channel :

Quick Gameplay Hints

- Keep pressing w,a,s,d or arrow keys or the navigation arrows at the game screen for moving fluently

- You can enter Monster Center (It has Monster Center signboard) for healing and setup your team, and Monster Market(It has Shop signboard) for items and buy, sell, trade monsters

- From navigation menus at control panel you can set your avatar, overworld sprite and change your starter monster

- While battling, lower your opponent HP and throw monster box to catch it.

Favourite Games
Diablo, Starcraft, Heroes Of Might And Magic,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Very long waited Monster MMORPG Version 6 update is finally deployed and live : * * This update took more than 10 months of active game development and tens of small or big updates. * Full update logs can be read on update forum thread here : * Login page of MonsterMMORPG : * Register page of MonsterMMORPG :
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============================================================ Welcome to Complete All Pokemon Mega DEX Project : Slowly completing Dex at the PokemonPets game : Need next these mega Pokemon Last updated list : April 1, 2023 Galarian Stunfisk Galarian Weezing Galarian Darmanitan Zen #413 Wormadam #538 Throh #539 Sawk #591 Amoonguss #639 Terrakion #641 Tornadus #645 Landorus #740 Crabominable #741 Oricorio Pau #765 Oranguru #770 Palossand #777 Togedemaru #786 Tapu Lele #787 Tapu Bulu #788 Tapu-Fini #799 Guzzlord #804 Naganadel #805 Stakataka #806 Blacephalon #812 Rill
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Mega Persian (pokemon id : 53)Mega Arcanine (pokemon id : 59)Mega Victreebel (pokemon id : 71)Mega Tentacruel (pokemon id : 73)Mega Slowking (pokemon id : 199)Mega Farfetchd (pokemon id : 83) Mega Dewgong (pokemon id : 87)Mega Hypno (pokemon id : 97)Mega Kingler (pokemon id : 99)Mega Electrode (pokemon id : 101) If you have and let us use i appreciate. You can also draw if you wish Thank you very much
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Hello is Maichu on the Pokémonpet site? I created several regional forms of Maichu. There's Alolan form, Galarian form, Kanto form, Canadian/Quebec.

Evolution of Raichu - Regional Maichu

Evolution of Raichu - Alolan form Maichu
Galarian Maichu - Evolution of Raichu
Evolution Of Raichu - Maichu form Canadian

Hello? Can I give you ideas for your MMORPG game? What do you think if you added the Sound, Cosmic and Cyber Type to your game

OC Base ref

I wasn't sure if you got this or that I might've posted it on the wrong page. But either way here's the base.

sorry if i accidently posted two.^^;

Thanks for the watch! It means a lot to me ~<3

Excuse me, could you tell me which of my Fakemons you have been using? I can't find myself or my work on Pokemon Pets.