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Secret Santa Wishlist!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 3, 2013, 8:20 PM

For MagicPawed's Secret Santa :bademoticon:…
Hello there secret Santa! 
Oh gosh I have a bunch of lovely characters you can choose from! (Some don't have ref sheets, I shall update this when I make their official refs (or I might even make a charahub pff))

Uhmm, I'm not too picky about what I'd like, all kinds of art is awesome! (Though I am a huge sucker for pixels haha~)

You can draw any of my characters feral or anthro, and I'm totally okay with blood / gore if you choose to include it :3 Any other additional info should be on the ref (if they have one), otherwise do you what you think fits : D

Thank you, and Happy Holidays! :snowflake:

Armona the Fursona (Huge friggen ref sheet) by MonsterMeds Kashti Ref by MonsterMeds Nesda Ref Sheet (Now with scars!) by MonsterMeds Joel Ref by MonsterMeds -OLD- Alex Ref Sheet by MonsterMeds $4 by MonsterMeds<da:thumb id="401905132"/> ADOPT BATCH CLOSED by eellie(I own the one in the middle)

$7 - A by MonsterMeds

Bigpawsandglasses by MonsterMeds

Maskdog by MonsterMeds

(Man I hate stash)

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November 3, 2013


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