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Hey everyone, ahh I realize these journals are kind of annoying so apologize OTL

But I used to own this design here down below (some of you may remember) and I stupidly traded him for a waterdog
I super regret it, and the current owner has him up for trade!
Sadly there was nothing of mine they wanted, but they said it was okay for me to try a three way trade
Meaning you trade them something for Alex (the design below) and then I trade you something of mine for him
I would be eternally grateful and I would tack on more than one design if you wish or art or anything ;v;
Feel free to note me or comment here, whichever you feel comfortable with
And here's their journal + my journal to browse what I have

Official ref :: w background watermarked by shrubbe <da:thumb id="547070931"/>  Huge Character Purge! FREE + Selling!Please make sure to read everything to avoid asking me things that are explained in the journal, thanks!! ♥
Hey everyone! You read correctly, I need to get rid of a bunch of characters because I just simply have too many ;c; 
That and it'll make my a lot easier to use lol
So I'm tired as fuck and haven't slept yet, so excuse any typos and errors you might encounter ~
You can offer on anything you want, but please know just because you offer doesn't mean I'm gonna accept. And there are some I will literally never trade lol
Panties  List of characters that are never trade, please don't offer on them or your comment will just be hidden
- All of the characters in my Character Reference folder (which is not linked here so no point in poking around haha, but just saying!)
- My Cinnadogs
- Any of the ones in my closed species folder labeled Never for trade / sale 

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Submitted on
July 18, 2015