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Going in my purty Saturn Vue ♥

At the Marriott two blocks from the con~

Arrival / Departure:
Rolling in on Thursday, leaving Monday

Rammymatic Honeypup and Boy_Royale on FA

Description (out of suit):
Chubster, 5'6", brown scruffy hair to my shoulders, poop brown eyes, huge squirrel cheeks when I smile
Most likely will be wearing a orange flower-crown headband and my collar with leaves and danglies 
Also possibly my blue leopard hoodie from Lemonbrat 

Art propaganda:
I may or may not bring my sketchbook since I'm not really a traditional artist, but I like doodling random things in other people's :'D

She looks like diiiisss:
Rainbowfur22 by MonsterMeds Person pictured is not me by the way, but that is the suit 'v' b

Relationship status:
Happy ramming my Ram Rammymatic

Main purpose for attending:
Just to have fun! I love going to cons and it's so close, and I loved it last year!
Plus I also got free admission BUT YANNO

Where you usually eat:
Most likely the little sky mall since it's cheap, but I might try new things with friends :3

Not about that that life

Sleep/get up:
I like to sleep past noon lol, but if there's a pannel we wanna go to I'll wake up early
Sleep is whenever 

Do you talk in/out of suit:
Both yes, though I'm bad at it pff

To get my attention: 
Just yell my name (MonsterMeds, Jasper, or Kiyo (the fursuit)) or if that doesn't work, come up to me and just kinda lightly touch me anywhere 
I have pretty good hearing though, but I also don't mind being touched ♥ (Just don't tackle me please :'D)

Fursuit rules of engagement:
I'm reaaallyy new to suiting so I may not see you or realize you're trying to get my attention, so you're gonna have to yell at me XD
I like hugs though! (In an out of suit), and feel free to pet me *v*

Rules of engagement (out of suit):
..Kinda the same lmao

How far is too far:
uhmmm, I really don't mind being touched anywhere, just please don't tickle me or grope me (smacks and pats are ok though ha)

Can I dance with you:
Sure! I'll dance like a white fool with you

Can I buy you things:
Absolutely. I love things and I will love you even if you bought me fries ;u;

Best way to contact me: 
Texting if you have my number, but I'm also on Telegram! Feel free to contact me there C:
I'm MonsterJasper on Telegram~
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Submitted on
March 3, 2016