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Would anyone like to do an exchange for points to cash?? I'm lookin to get some but fuck da's exchange rate
I have the $15, you give me the 1500 points, just to be clear B)
Comment or note me~


Thu Aug 16, 2018, 12:06 AM

Just need to get rid of these honestly aha
Willing to haggle as well! 

Adopt:Passing Thunderstorms OPEN! $10 - OBO by MonsterMeds 
$5 / 500 :points:

Adopt: Mid-day Mountains OPEN! $10 - OBA by MonsterMeds
$5 / 500 :points:
Lowered - Forest Yeen Adoptable! OPEN by MonsterMeds

$6 / 600 :points:

Anthro Adopt - OPEN - Paypal Only! by MonsterMeds

$10 / 1,000 :points: 

Did anyone else get this??

Wed Jun 20, 2018, 10:31 PM

Thanksiguess by MonsterMeds
Did anyone else get a Hot Topic thing in their notifications with a nice, motivational/uplifting message?? Just randomly???
idk what it's for, but thanks I guess haha :'>

Either of pottery or woodwork?? 
I'm looking to get a fitbit (a Charge 2 to be exact) and it's about $60

I can do just about anything if I can find it in the store, including plaques, boxes, mugs, plates, light-switch covers, small critters, etc! Feel free to ask ♥
 I could do anything ya like, from your character, an existing animal, your pet, you name it!
and also give you real-time updates via telegram or discord :>

$60 would include everything, the price of the piece, the time I put in, and shipping
Here are my examples (from most recent to a little older)

Photo 2018-06-08 18-13-42 by MonsterMeds
Painted Ashmere Mug by MonsterMeds
^ My two most recent pieces, done about a week ago

Delicate by MonsterMeds Rainbow Travel Mug for Sale! by MonsterMeds Your face is stuck like that, Joel by MonsterMeds
Starry Lion by MonsterMeds Starry Lion Backview by MonsterMeds
Mini Hand-painted Dresser (HUGEFILEWHOA) by MonsterMeds

As well as much more found here:…

If you're interested, please feel free to drop me a note!! 

*aka do art 

salmon heart bullet 1 month (400 point value)
Gets you 1 50x50 icon ($10 value)
I'm just lost in this moment by MonsterMeds What lies beneath by MonsterMeds Virtual Self by MonsterMeds

salmon heart bullet 3 months (1200 point value)
Gets you a wiggle icon ($20-30 value)
let me hit it gurl by MonsterMeds it's heckin' mine - (Animated Wiggle icon!) by MonsterMeds
(Not connected, 2 frames, can do both 100x and 50x sizes)

salmon heart bullet Anything more than that we can discuss! 
If multiple people are interested in this, I can take a few!

I promise I'm not dead (yet)

Sun Apr 15, 2018, 1:54 PM

sorry for not posting anything ya'll- I went to FWA (one of them there furry conventions) last weekend and had a blast!
But then I got sick and didn't do anything, got over the sickness and then allergies came and hit me like a bus not even a day later ugh
so I'm sitting here with a box of tissues, a watery eye, runny nose and a headache while the allergy medication isn't doing jack shit
so yeah, apologies for not like, doing anything 
i love you

Free art raffle results!!

Tue Mar 27, 2018, 12:45 AM

Thank you so much everyone for participating!! 
If you didn't win, not to fret! I'll make some F2U stuff in the future and I'll certainly be hosting more events in the chance for free stuff!! 

f2u cloud divider by clepsydree

Alright, now on to the winners! :>

 For the first raffle where you +fav'd the journal, the winner isss....  

shooting star  myawfod !! shooting star

Firstraffle by MonsterMeds


And for the second raffle where you shared the journal, the winner isss.... 

.:Mini moon n star:.  SlicedFox !! .:Mini moon n star:. 

Secondraffle by MonsterMeds

f2u cloud divider by clepsydree

Congrats to both of the winners!! I'll be noting you both shortly! ♥


Wed Mar 21, 2018, 5:13 AM

CLOSED!! Thank you everyone for entering!! 

I'll be picking winners and noting them tomorrow :>
Figured it was time to do another raffle 'cause.. //shrugs why not haha

Please make sure to read everything before doing anything!! 

f2u cloud divider by clepsydree

Okok, so there's gonna be multiple ways to win with multiple prizes!!
That means two raffles with two different prizes!! Cool right! 

shooting star  First raffle: All you gotta do is favorite this journal. That's it! You're entered into the first raffle :3

.:Mini moon n star:.  Second raffle: Create your own journal linking back to this one and comment (with proof!) and then I'll give you a number

Easy right!! Great stuff with little to no effort, that's my kinda speed B)

f2u cloud divider by clepsydree

So what are the prizes?!

Ok so!
shooting star The First raffle prize is: shooting star 
A sketch with 1-2 colors OR a 50x50 pixel icon OR 2 crayon doodles!! 

.:Mini moon n star:. And the second is:  
A simple custom design (with a base of your choice) OR A larger pixel OR A headshot / bust

So basically you can choose 1 of the 3 options (;

And yes, you may enter both raffles!!

Here's my gallery so you can take a look at examples~…

Ending tomorrow 3/26!

Good luck everyone! If you have any questions lemme know! 

CLOSED! Grem For Trade

Tue Mar 13, 2018, 6:09 AM

Sawyer Ref by MonsterMeds
Masterlist: #1747

As much as I looooveee this kid, I'm not really into Closed Species anymore. 
Nothing personal, just kinda, //shrugs

Not tentative! However I will be picky ~
He also comes with some extra art that I can show ya upon request in a note

F2U | Arrows Divider by UmieArt

What I'm looking for (In Order)

pink heart bullet Stuff from my dream folder:…
(Just nothing that's a CS, I just haven't had a chance to go through and remove things yet)

pink heart bullet Stuff from my list:
Creators / Stuff I really fancy
(Fursuit partials, Etsy stuff, etc)

pink heart bullet HQ One-off Characters (Something you've paid like $100-$200+ for, not including commissioned stuff) 

pink heart bullet Characters with a lot of art?? If that makes sense aha (Like retired sonas with a mile long toyhouse page)

pink heart bullet Art as an add-on only!! (Please provide examples) 

What I'm NOT looking for

- Currency of any kind
- Humans / humanoids
- A hoard of 'cheap' adopts
- Hoards of stuff not fitting my criteria 

- You "trying your luck" when you have nothing on my list 

F2U | Arrows Divider by UmieArt

3-way trades, notes, comments, all that good stuff are ok!

Happy trading and thanks for looking!

I have a bunch and I wanna get some arttttt♥
Looking for anything really; pixels, digital, etc

Points only this go-round 
And feral / anthro stuff only please!!
gotta get that furry trash 

Please link me to your commissions sheet / journal (or if you don't have one link examples and prices)
Or tell me about someone you know! (As long as they're open) C: 

Thanks a bunch! 


Fri Mar 9, 2018, 1:15 AM

Everything has been claimed!!

I might update this in case the few people who claimed something don't reply, but otherwise I think that's it! 

Thanks for looking and being patient with me, I hope you have a good rest of your day/night :)

divider by witchb0y

I'll draw ya somethin' for some core :eyebrows: 
How much ya give determines how much ya get! 
Only taking one person, please let me know 

Grem UFSwap / Trade! (CLOSED!)

Wed Feb 14, 2018, 3:00 AM

This kid has a lovely new home, thanks to everyone for offering! ♥

Not feeling this kid anymore. Mainly looking to swap but I'll look at other things as well
Not tentative, just picky~

#486 by GremCorporation 
He also comes with a few slightly different designs with different traits
(Just his ref with glasses)  Cato Ref by MonsterMeds   Please use city ears version by MonsterMeds  Winter   By Salisburies   Watermarked By Setsaii-d by MonsterMeds
All versions comes with art! Pencil 

F2U | Arrows Divider by UmieArt

Looking for:

- Swaps (priority)
- Hand-made plushies
- Hand-made IRL items in general 
- Fursuit parts (tails, armsleeves, heads, bodysuits, etc.
* (For heads / bodysuits I can offer two grems. Please note me)
- HQ designs (things people paid at least $100 for)
- Characters with a lot of art?? aka worth a lot
- Designs by:
Vani (FA)
scpkid (FA)
strawberrymilk (FA)
Inkfang (FA)
- Art as an add-on only
- Maybe stuff from here?? 
Closed Species / Creators / Stuff I really fancy

Not looking for:

- Currency of any kind
- Humans / humanoids
- A hoard of 'cheap' adopts 
- You "trying your luck" when you have nothing on my list

F2U | Arrows Divider by UmieArt
If offering art of any kind, please provide examples! Rainbow book and pencil 

Comments, notes, and 3-way trade journals are totally ok!!
Thanks, and happy trading! 

Journal Test!

Mon Feb 12, 2018, 5:15 AM

Damn son look how cute this journal is ahhh♥

Made using this right hurr

Journal CSS Creator v1.5

This list includes: Yevren, Waterdog, Ligobat, Mistypup, and more!

What I'm looking for! 
Mostly just regular animals, but I want animals people don't typically draw, so that means: 
(Anthro or feral, doesn't matter)
- Deer!
- Unicorns / horses
-  Cows! Goats / sheep / hooved creatures
- Gryphons / birds!
- Dinosaurs!
- BIG Cats (lions, leopards, sabertooth, etc)
- Kangaroos??
- Monsters / hybirds
- Dragons

What I'm NOT looking for!

- Dogs!! I have enough dogs lol
- Regular cats, only big cat species please
- Humans/humanoids! 
- Monkeys
- Customs
- Art
- Currency
- Cheap adopts, especially a hoard of cheap adopts (yanno like the ones that are worth about $1 or less, no thanks) 
- Closed species of any kind

Alright alright, now onto the goods!! 

Mistypup #3 by MonsterMeds
Mistypup, #3
No art

Ligobat Redesign By Ponacho-d9ez6ec by MonsterMeds
No art


I might add more, but here are the ones I have!

Feel free to comment or note, post 3-way trades, and post as many links as you want as long as what I'm looking for :3c
Happy trading! ♥

Ok ya'll, before you post your links, please don't give me an entire toyhouse/stash with 99 dogs and 1 dragon design, please just link the dragon lol 'cause don't want dogs so I don't wanna have to dig for the designs I might actually be interested in 'cause I'll just assume 'oh wow look at all this stuff I don't want' and and say no thanks.
Ya feel?? I don't mind 30 links of stuff 'cause I don't mind going through them all, as long as they're all stuff I'm looking for
Please and thank you ♥

ayy so I got a bunch of adopts sitting around not getting bought and they gotta go! 
So here's the ones I got open and the new prices to go with 'em
Please comment to claim so I can keep things organized, thanks! 

These are listed as paypal, but I'm also taking points! 

$1 = 100 :points: 

Anthro Adopt - OPEN - Paypal Only! by MonsterMeds - $20

Adopt:Passing Thunderstorms OPEN! $10 - OBO by MonsterMeds - $5

Adopt: 3 doggos OPEN! Read desc. by MonsterMeds
$2 - $3 - $1

Adopt: Mid-day Mountains - CLOSED! by MonsterMeds - $5

Aesthetic Dog Adopts : AUCTION : OPEN : by MonsterMeds

$5 each, but #4 is not available

Lowered - Forest Yeen Adoptable! OPEN by MonsterMeds - $6

And feel free to go through the rest of my open adopts folder and make offers!…

Ashe Ref by MonsterMeds

Traded to a noted offer, thanks! 

C h r i s t m a s W i s h l i s t

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 6, 2017, 1:48 AM
Henlo everyone! 'v'
Decided to put one of these together since everyone else was doing one aha;
But I certainly don't expect anything, I mean it is called a wishlist after all ;>

When buying clothing: I need a 2XL or a 3XL ((fattie size)). If shopping on Wish, pick the largest size available since their sizing is weird 
Something has multiple options? Feel free to ask me my favorite (or ask a friend to ask me), or pick something else. Sometimes I don't like all the options and I would feel bad if I didn't like your gift because of it ;v; 
Thanks and Happy Holidays! 
Violet Snow Globe 

Custom Raffle!

Sun Nov 12, 2017, 8:19 PM
Come check it out! This artist has some A++++ stuff mang Sign Emoji-05 (Ok or money) 
<da:thumb id="714792767"/>

Well maybe not everything exactly, but feel free to link whatever you're interested in and what you're offering. Can also be a combo deal ;0

What I'm looking for in particular 
(But not limited to / in order)
  • Cash / points
  • Art trades
  • Character Trades
  • Hell I might give it to ya for free if I really don't want it

In terms of character trades
(Again, not limited to)
  • "Softer" palettes. I would like some designs with soft pastels or dull colors
  • Unique animals (birds, hyenas, dragons, deer, gators, dinosaurs, etc)
  •  Either the extreme ends of complex or simple designs
  • Just mainly something I can connect with
In terms of art trades
  • Please link your examples (when asked)
  • I will not give you the character until art is complete. Please be able to handle what I'm asking or what you offered
  • If someone has asked for the same character and you haven't started after a certain amount of time, I might give it to them instead

Arrow left TL;DR Arrow right 

Link me what you're interested in and I'll be down or not down 
Thanks fam :peace:

And now for all the friggen' links

sorry folks, I've been too lazy to utilize toyhouse

All characters in my "Refs / My Characters" folder here on DA are strictly off-limits.

Please do not venture there and ask for those characters.
They are my sonas, mains, and secondary characters that I love and are forever homed. Thank you.

Tiny Plant Divider by RussianBlues

Main Adopted

Things I've most recently adopted to the not-so-most-recent
Will be picky with a few
(Also some might be cross-posted in my stash, so if it's a sheet of multiples you can ask or look further)…

The Stash section has more of a selection, but has more things I probably won't part with easily, especially things labeled nft/s (but feel free to still ask)

Tiny Plant Divider by RussianBlues

Main Trade

Most of the things in these links I'll take for trade…

Three-way trade journals and notes are totally fine, just let me know if you're doing a trade journal and I can feature it 
Any other questions feel free to ask, thanks everyone and happy trails!